10 Typical austrian hut dishes

25 October 2019

There are certain things that just go hand in hand. Beach and sea. Salt and pepper. Denmark and rain. Skiing and lunch break at the hut. And at least with us, the question arises anew every day: What do we eat today? If you feel the same way as we do, we have compiled a small list of our favorites for typical Austrian dishes that no ski hut should be without!

1) Kaiserschmarrn

An absolute Austrian classic. The name comes from the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph. It consists of a cut sweet pancake (Austrian form of pancake) and is served with icing sugar and plum compote. There are many stories about how the Kaiserschmarrn was created. One of them says that one day the emperor came into the courtyard kitchen unexpectedly and the cook was about to throw away a failed pancake – the emperor ate it with compote instead and he liked it so much that it became a new dish.

2) Cheese spaetzle

For this, spaetzle and cheese are alternately layered on top of each other and pushed into the oven. As with the Kaspress dumplings, regional cheeses are always used. Finally, the dish is garnished with fried onions. Depending on the type of cheese used and how much fried onion, it may not be the perfect meal if you plan to meet someone during après ski!

3) Cheese dumpling soup

Cheese dumpling soup is the standard dish if you just want to warm up! Kaspress dumplings consist of dumpling bread and cheese, each using regional cheese, i.e. beer cheese in Salzburg, mountain cheese in Tyrol and Sura Kees in Vorarlberg.

4) yeast dumplings

Large hemispherical dumplings made of yeast dough are often filled with the so-called powidl (plum jam). Shortly before serving, they are poured with melted butter and sprinkled with a mixture of poppy seeds and icing sugar. They are often served with vanilla sauce. You see, it’s definitely not the healthiest food you’ll find in the huts, but it’s just sooo good!

5) Apple strudel

Is a common type of strudel in which strudel dough (or puff pastry, quark dough or yeast dough) is filled with sliced, pitted apples, dark raisins and breadcrumbs. It is often served with vanilla sauce or whipped cream, but some Austrians give you a strange look when you order it – the typical Austrian apple strudel is simply eaten without whipped cream!

6) Gluasch soup

One of our favorite dishes when it’s really cold outside. Goulash is a ragout that consists of various types of meat (often in combination), bell pepper, onions and often also garlic and caraway seeds. The meat is cooked for a long time and the sauce becomes nice and creamy – really just perfect after a cold, hard day of skiing! (:

7) Carinthian pasta

Kärtner noodles are a bit reminiscent of Italian ravioli (which you should never say out loud in front of a Carinthian, of course;) and consist of a thinly rolled out noodle part that is shaped into a fist-sized bag, which is then filled with various ingredients. Our favorites are definitely the Carinthian Kasnudeln, which are filled with a curd-potato filling. The Kletza noodles with a filling consisting of dried pears and curd cheese are also particularly good!

8) Roast pork

Our personal favorite! There is simply nothing better than a good roast pork after skiing (or during your lunch break!). Roast pork is the fried or braised piece of domestic pig, seasoned with caraway, coriander, marjoram and garlic. Would it like to be crispy, definitely wants a "crusty roast" in which the roast is braised until the rind is nice and crispy!

9) Brettljause

The perfect dish if you don’t want to commit yourself and just want something from different tastes! Depending on where you are, it consists of something different, but it is usually a combination of hearty meat and sausages, such as bacon, smoked meat and cold roast pork, bread and cheese. A cold little beer goes perfectly with it – also called a seiterl.

10) Wiener Schnitzel

Just as skiing and lunch break belong together at the hut, the Wiener Schnitzel simply belongs to Austria. Traditionally it is a thin breaded test and baked piece of veal, there is potato salad (or for our German neighbors: potato salad) or for the children french fries (also known as french fries).

We hope you will find it a little easier to decide what to eat at the hut. We are definitely going to get something to eat because this description of the food made us really hungry! Enjoy the meal!

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