11 Delicious restaurants in berlin where you can feed like you can with nuts, with pleasure berlin

Unfortunately, these prejudices about Berlin are true

The best remedy for homesickness, separation pain and the thickest hangover head on Sundays is without question really good and hearty food. With patties, schnitzel and crumble cakes, we come back to the bottom of the facts, feel like children in mom’s or grandma’s kitchen back then, forget about stress and grief. This can happen in the corner shop in Charlottenburg, in the beer garden in Prenzlauer Berg or in the brewery in Friedrichshain. Here are 11 restaurants where you can eat almost as tasty as at home.

© Daliah Hoffmann Hearty cuisine like grandma’s in the 1900 café

It’s going to be really rustic 1900 cafe, where you get a hearty lunch, almost like grandma’s. We only say Königsberger Klopse or stuffed peppers. What also takes us there again and again are the most delicious pieces of sheet cake (giant) that are perfect for sharing, but please with cream! The spelled crumble cakes with rhubarb, plum or berries are really cool. The small café combines just the right amount of kitsch with living room flair and antiquarian bookshop. A little oasis to relax and enjoy.

  • 1900 cafe
  • Knesebeckstrasse 76, 10623 Berlin
  • Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday to Sunday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • More info

© Dani Vincek | shutterstock Jägerschnitzel and roast pork in the world restaurant

The Weltrestaurant is a real legend among Berlin restaurants because it is the setting for the bestseller "Mr. Lehmann" by Sven Regener. However, the restaurant can serve much more than just as a backdrop, it also tastes really hearty-good. When we say hearty, we mean it that way: roast pork with bread dumplings and wine sauerkraut, schnitzel "Viennese kind" with fried potatoes or hunter’s schnitzel. People eat at the old, simple wooden tables or at the counter. On Thursday and at the weekend you can watch the hustle and bustle of the street food and weekly markets of the market hall, while you mentally wallow in the past and be spoiled with culinary delights by traditional German cuisine. Without much fanfare, but really delicious!

  • World restaurant Markthalle
  • Pücklerstrasse 34, 10997 Berlin
  • Monday – Sunday: from 12 noon
  • More info

© Hella Wittenberg Schnitzel and German tapas in the Schnitzelei

You can get the best schnitzel in Berlin at Schnitzelei. There is also a large selection of German tapas and a welcome beer on the house for every guest. When the weather is nice, the various delicacies can of course also be enjoyed on the spacious terrace.

  • Schnitzelei
  • Röntgenstrasse 7, 10587 Berlin
  • Monday to Friday: 4 pm to midnight; Saturday & Sunday: 12 noon to midnight
  • More info

© Daliah Hoffmann Good wines and a hearty lunch at Klemke

Walter and Elfriede Klemke combine their two passions in their restaurant: good wine and hearty German food. The corner shop has been a real Charlottenburg if not a lunch pilgrimage place for 20 years. At lunchtime you stand in line, local businessmen throw their ties over their shoulders and dedicate themselves to the legendary roast pork crust or liver cheese. There is something new every day, all groceries are super fresh and the wine is first class. So if you are still looking for the right drop for the next cooking evening – you will definitely find it here.

  • Klemke
  • Mommsenstrasse 9, 10623 Berlin
  • Monday – Friday: 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • More info

© Kerstin Musl Berliner Wirtshausflair in Max and Moritz

The Max and Moritz is one of the oldest inns in Berlin and has existed since 1902, the atmosphere is accordingly rustic and friendly. On the menu you will find hearty dishes like Berliner Eisbein with sauerkraut and potatoes, Sauerbraten or Matjesfilet. If you’re longing for grandma’s food, you’ve come to the right place. For good food you also get beer tapped with love and a Berlin snout. In Max and Moritz there is also always a fun mix of neighbors, tourists and larger groups concocting or discussing something. On Sunday you can also dance tango here from 6 p.m., if you are not too tired of the super tasty schnitzel.

  • Max and Moritz
  • Oranienstrasse 162, 10969
  • Monday – Sunday: from 5 p.m.
  • More info

© Wiebke Jann Fine Austrian cuisine in the Jolesch

If you are like us and Austrian cuisine somehow gives you a feeling of cosiness and well-being, then give it a try Jolesch out. A little Austrian feeling in the middle of Kreuzberg. There are classics and modern creations on the menu. In the room with dark green walls and lots of wood you can undisturbed (unbelievably good) Wiener Schnitzel, boiled beef, dumplings and of course Kaiserschmarrn in dimmed light. When it gets colder, you sit inside and listen to the crackling of the fireplace, in the summer temperatures it is unbeatable on the street terrace.

  • Jolesch
  • Muskauer Strasse 1, 10997 Berlin
  • Monday – Friday: 11.30 a.m. – midnight, Saturday: 5 p.m. – midnight, Sunday: 11.30 a.m. – midnight
  • Schnitzel 14.50 euros
  • More info

© Carolin Weinkopf Eat so much with the fat landlady until you burst

It is quite possible that after visiting the Fat landlady rolls out of the restaurant with his pants button open. The name says it all: huge portions, an infinite number of calories and lots of fat on white plates. The Fat landlady is partly a pub, partly a restaurant and a real Berlin institution. The shop on Savignyplatz is particularly popular with middle-aged tourists. Anyone who likes down-to-earth home cooking, whether Zuzo or real Berliner, will be happy and more than satisfied. In the restaurant with paneled walls and lots of bells and whistles, memories of mom’s and grandma’s food are awakened, plus a pinch of Berlin snout.

  • Fat landlady
  • Carmerstrasse 9, 10623
  • Monday to Sunday: 11 am to midnight
  • More info

© Kerstin Musl Home cooking and home-brewed beer in the Schalander home brewery

in the Schalander you can not only feast on good home-made food and drink delicious beer, you can even see where it is brewed. Quasi an adventure restaurant for beer lovers – madness. In addition to seasonal beers, wine and liqueurs, the family business offers three own beers: a light, a dark and a traditional wheat. So there is something for everyone. Eating here is Baden-French. Beef schnitzel and black beer goulash meet tarte flambé and herb crepe. For veggies there is delicious kohlrabi schnitzel. Also in Schalander every Monday is schnitzel day, then you get schnitzel, from veal or pork, tarte flambée and delicious little things like bacon bread, snack board and Alsatian sausage salad.

  • Schalander brewery
  • Bänschstrasse 91, 10247 Berlin
  • Monday – Friday: 4–10pm, Saturday: 3–10pm, Sunday and public holidays: 12–10pm
  • More info

© Milena Zwerenz Generous portions and hearty food with food in Mitte

It’s worth it for a real good lunch Groceries in Mitte always. In the rustic restaurant you get delicious home-made food, the menu changes daily. Really cozy and really tasty. The whole fancy-schmanzy and hipster attitude of Mitte is completely forgotten when you enter and at the latest with the first fork Käsespätzle. A lot of wood, generous portions and food can also be bought here. Wiener Schnitzel, white asparagus, black pudding and sauerkraut are freshly prepared here with seasonal ingredients, and there is a large selection of wines and good beer. After a lunch in the Groceries in Mitte but then we need a little walk or nap, we just say: food coma!

  • Groceries in Mitte
  • Rochstrasse 2, 10178 Berlin
  • Monday – Friday: 12pm – 11pm, Saturday: 1pm – 11pm
  • More info

© Brauhaus Rixdorf Freshly brewed beer in the Brauhaus Rixdorf

In the deepest part of Neukölln there is a villa where time seems to have stopped. in the Brewery Rixdorf the interior and the menu are reminiscent of the 70s: hearty, solid home-style cooking, and home-brewed beers. The inside is a bit overloaded, too much frills, the garden is quieter and more comfortable, there is even a small pond – we forget that we are in Neukölln. Goulash, potato pancakes and tarte flambé taste even better under a wine-covered pergola.

  • Brewery Rixdorf
  • Glasower Strasse 27, Neukölln
  • Tuesday – Thursday: from 4pm, Friday – Saturday: from 12pm, Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
  • More info

© Daliah Hoffmann Bavarian cuisine in the Prater

in the Prater, year-round restaurant and in the summer also a large beer garden, Berlin cuisine is served, as well as Bavarian classics such as white sausage, schnitzel, delicious asparagus and a fat fat goose at Christmas time. At the top of the "Should-you-sure-eat"-The list also includes the mustard party with squash potatoes – this is a culinary journey back in time. A lot of wood and indirect light create a warm atmosphere in the dining room. Despite the simplicity and spaciousness of the room, it doesn’t look cold. On warm summer evenings, when you sit outside in the beer garden or on the terrace, the fairy lights and lanterns bathe the courtyard in a pleasant light.

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