36 Vegetarian recipes for the thermomix®, fairytale

The advantages of our recipe compartments at a glance

✓ Individual compilation and combination of your favorite recipes with all of our recipe subjects
✓ Set the personal order of the recipe cards as required
✓ Colored cutting edge with special color
✓ Compartments connected with a binding ring
✓ 300 g high quality design paper

Cooking vegetarian: 36 family recipes for the Thermomix – simple and tasty

Fresh, healthy and crisp: vegetables it’s hard to resist. Especially when it is processed into tasty vegetarian meals! Whether soups for every occasion, hearty stews or French vegetable cakes (quiche), which is not only warm enjoyment: Even those who think they can not do without meat will appreciate the variety Thermomix recipes get a taste for it. Let yourself be surprised which vegetarian delicacies are most popular with children, friends and family. And get started right away! When selecting the recipes, we paid particular attention to a good variety of ingredients. The easy-to-understand cooking instructions also make it easy to find Thermomix beginners coped easily.

Looking for a TM recipe for vegetarians? Secure inspiration in the recipe fan right away

Mmmhh, delicious! With our Thermal recipes for vegetarians let’s celebrate it meatless kitchen. And also pay attention to practical handling: the individual recipe pages are connected with a ring and can be turned back when cooking. You can also simply open the ring and create a personal collection of your favorite recipes – also in combination with our other recipe subjects. The elegant color cut on the paper edges enables easy assignment of the recipe categories and contributes to the high-quality design. The recipes are suitable for the TM31 and TM5.

Instead of cookbooks: versatile recipe compartments – designed with love

Well thought-out and flexible: the individual recipe pages are connected by a ring and can be turned back when cooking. The practical opening of the ring allows you to put together your own TM-favorite recipes. And the elegant color cut on the paper edges not only ensures that the recipe categories can be assigned quickly, it also contributes to the high-quality look – so the thermal recipes are also wonderful as gift.

Practical: compartment system with ring closure

What to cook? When you search for a tasty idea on a daily basis, our recipe book provides you with valuable services. When spread out, you quickly get an overview of all dishes. Once the favorite has been found, you can simply flip the corresponding page or take it out individually. And let’s go!

Expandable: individual recipe subjects

Organized in no time at all: the 36 thermal recipes are connected with a practical ring. It can be opened with just a flick of the wrist, giving you the opportunity to customize your recipe collection. Supplement the magazine ring with other recipes from our other recipe subjects: This way, a collection of personal TM favorite dishes is created very quickly.

Clear: color scheme for orientation

Vegetarian green, lactose-free blue or sweet pleasure in pink? Our Thermomix recipe compartments are finished with a special color on the outer edge. The colored cutting edge not only looks elegant, but also shows you which subjects are involved – because each collection has its own color. If you combine different recipes, one look is all it takes and you can recognize the respective categories by the color coding.

recipe directory

Avcocado tortillas
Wild garlic quiche
Buckwheat pancakes with spinach filling (vegan)
Buckwheat pancakes with cinnamon bananas (vegan)
Chicory with raw red food
Creamy vegetable soup
Creamy lemongrass soup
Filled chard packets with yoghurt dip
Stuffed peppers with feta
Vegetable lentils with lime pesto (vegan)
Millet casserole with nuts (vegan)
Potato wedges with onion and mint chutney (vegan)
Carrot couscous with feta
Cheese omelet with vegetable filling
Kohlrabi cream soup with Barlach pesto
Lens wheat stew
Pasta bake with mushrooms
Baked potato with pepper and herb cream
Polenta with roquefort and pears
Reibedatschi with applesauce
Brussels sprouts casserole
Beetroot and coconut soup (vegan)
Red Chickpea Bean Stew
Chocolate spaetzle
Soy Goulash in Bread (Soy Goulash)
Spaghetti alla carbonara (vegan)
Spaghetti with mushroom and cheese sauce
Spaghetti with zucchini and gorgonzola sauce
Asparagus cake with broccoli
Spinach dumplings with walnuts
Tomato and lentil curry with sheep’s cheese
Tomatoes with couscous filling
Vegetarian chili
Vegetarian Bolognese
White beans in tomato and basil sauce (vegan)
Courgette pancake with herb sauce

Do you already know our other recipe subjects?

You can find 365 family records for each day in our thermal calendar.

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