41 Salty and sweet recipes for you to prepare at home

The selection of pasta in a meal guarantees practicality and easy preparation, since the dish is simple, with just a few steps, and there is the possibility of variety in the accompaniment.

The filling options are far from complete: they can only be filled with vegetables, with seafood or even with a sweet filling, just let your imagination and explore the possibilities.

If you are one of the many lovers of lasagna, check out the selection of recipes below and enjoy these tasty and practical dishes:

Recipes with meat, chicken or sausage

1. Simple and practical lasagna: As the author reports, this is the traditional Sunday recipe. Simple and easy to make, this recipe takes red sauce, ground beef, mozzarella cheese and ham through the pasta sheets. Remember that the top layer should be cheese to ensure the gratin to the dish.

2. Lasagna to Bolognese with white sauce: In this recipe, each layer of Bolognese sauce is combined with a layer of ham and alternately with the white sauce together with the mozzarella. Ideal mixture for everyone who likes both ways of filling.

3. Lasagna Bolognese with white sauce and spinach gluten and lactose: here the white sauce is accompanied with spinach, which is rich in iron and minerals, and the milk used for the sauce is lactose. The mozzarella and ham give the faces again and the pasta is based on cassava, ideal for celiac disease or allergic to gluten.

4. Mexican Lasagna: Instead of the traditional lasagna dough, the author of this recipe uses potatoes cut into medium-sized slices that help absorb the spice of the spicy red sauce. As a white sauce, a mixture of ricotta and curd cheese with lemon, which ensures similarity to sour cream or sour cream.

5. Lasagna of meat and spinach: another version of the recipe that takes the spinach, here the vegetables are fried and accompanied by meat sauce with tomato sauce and bechamel sauce.

6. Eggplant Lasagna: In this recipe, the lasagna mass is replaced by thinly sliced ​​eggplants. This vegetable is rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants and helps prevent cancer. The sauce chosen was the Bolognese, making the dish even tastier.

7. Lasagna minced meat, zucchini and cheddar sauce: according to the author, this is the best lasagna world, and uses zucchini slices instead of the traditional mass. In addition to being included in the pasta, the zucchini also appears grated next to the minced meat for the sauce. Zucchini helps digestion and helps lower cholesterol. Worth a try!

8. Chicken Lasagna: In this recipe, shredded chicken breast is the main ingredient. Accompanied by tomato sauce, corn and carrots, it is the filling chosen by the author. Tip: Use a generous layer of ricotta or quark and mozzarella in the last layer to make the lasagna even more tasty.

9. Chicken lasagna with pastries: To make the recipe even easier and more practical, the author used pastries instead of lasagna. In addition to speeding up the preparation of the dish, it also allows the lasagna to be prepared, chilled, and roasted only at the time of consumption.

10. Lasagna chicken, corn and bacon: this lasagna carries ham, mozzarella, chicken breast, corn, bacon and is accompanied by a delicious white sauce. The final touch is the parmesan cheese, which is grated on the spot and sprinkled on the plate. (Ie11. Chicken Lasagna and Palm Hearts: In this recipe, in addition to a delicious chicken and palm heart filling, the authors also learn step by step how to make lasagna. To leave your dish with more personality. Chicken 12. Chicken Lasagna with Cream Cheese Sauce and Pancake batter: This recipe is another option that allows you to prepare the day before and only put it in the oven at the time of eating.To make the recipe more practical, the author uses pancakes and cream cheese-based sauce to accompany it.

13. Special Chicken Lasagna: This version of the lasagna does not use traditional pasta. In its place mashed potatoes. For the other layers, ham, mozzarella and a delicious tomato sauce with sliced ​​chicken.

14. Turmeric Lasagna and White Sauce: Large selection if you don’t have many ingredients at home, this lasagna only takes layers of pasta, white sauce, turkey breast, cheese platter and drops of curd cheese spread on the plate, making the recipe creamy.

15. Broccoli and Bacon Lasagna: The filling for this lasagna was white sauce with broccoli and bacon. Broccoli, a calcium-rich vegetable with antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, leaves a more nutritious and tasty dish.

16. Salami lasagna: only lasagna pasta, mozzarella, salami, parmesan for the last layer and homemade tomato sauce, this lasagna is easy and quick to make. Ideal for those moments that need practicality.

Lasagna with fish and seafood

17. Tuna Lasagna: a great option for days of hurry, in just a few steps and with only four ingredients, make a complete and tasty meal. As a highlight, this recipe takes tuna, rich in omega 3 and mineral salts.

18. Cod lasagna with potatoes: Instead of lasagna, cut potatoes into thin slices. To assemble, simply change the potatoes with the previously prepared cod fillet. Season with the cream and sprinkle with grated parmesan. Put the dish in the oven. The lasagna is ready to try in 40 minutes. Salmon 19. Salmon lasagna with strong root sauce: This oriental lasagna carries salmon, fish that are rich in fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids, accompanied by the strong root, which is widely used in Asian cuisine and contributes to weight loss and control of hypertension.

20. Tilapia lasagna: another option and recipe that uses zucchini slices instead of traditional pasta. It accompanies steaks from tilapia, mozzarella, light quark and cherry tomatoes. Delicious and easy to make.

21. Shrimp lasagna with curd cheese: extremely creamy recipe, take pre-cooked prawns with peppers, tomatoes and various spices. Creamy, quark and mozzarella make the dish more inviting. Vegetarian Lasagna vegetarian

22. Lasagna and ricotta and spinach: These vegetables come to the fore again. Together with ricotta and white sauce, spinach guarantees flavor and nutrients for the vegetarian lasagna.

23. Eggplant Zucchini Lasagna: After about 4 servings, this version uses both eggplant and zucchini instead of pasta. By alternating this filling, the arm and the tomato sauce complement the taste. Ideal for those who keep veganism, it is also indicated for those who have an intolerance or allergy to gluten and milk.

24. Lasagna from four cheeses for sucking: with the cheeses mozzarella, parmesan, semi-healing and provolone for the filling, this recipe is accompanied by a delicious sauce that emphasizes the juice even more.

25. Broccoli lasagna with white sauce: broccoli returns "the faces" and leaves the lasagna richer and tastier. It accompanies corn, grated carrots and white sauce. It is a pleasure.

26. Green pasta lasagna with a heart made of palm and broccoli filling: This recipe brings chopped palm hearts, steamed broccoli, coconut milk, tomato sauce, canned peas and diced tomatoes. An abundance of colors and aromas. (I.e.27. Lasagna Pesto Pesto: The traditional Italian pesto sauce is prepared with olive oil, garlic, parmesan and basil. Here it is accompanied by the bechamel sauce, the original name of the already known white sauce. Mark the author’s mass recipe.

28. Lasagna Sweet Potato: This lasagna takes a layer of mass, a layer of cheese, a layer of ricotta cream and a layer of fried vegetables, including carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cassava parsley, tomatoes and eggplant, all in medium-sized and pre-baked slices , 29.

Lasagna with bechamel pumpkin: used here in the pumpkin puree medium, with the platter alternating with the mass of traditional lasagna and bechamel sauce (white sauce).

30. Lasagna Crepioca: the filling of this recipe? Slice the chicken breast with tomato sauce, carrots and eggplant. Already for the fair, the famous Crepioca, a mixture of crepe with tapioca. Different and very tasty.

Creative Lasagna Bread 31. Bread Lasagna: With only four ingredients, this recipe makes success, so you want practicality in the kitchen. Simply switch tomato sauce, cheese, ham, and slices of bread to make dough instead of the lasagna, and put them in the oven for the gratin dish. Delicious supplements are quick and easy to make.

32. Lasagna frying pan: if you want a quick meal, this is the right choice for you. The lasagna is placed in a frying pan and carried to the fire, which speeds up the cooking process. Do not use more than three layers of dough for this method to ensure that baking is even.

33. Mini Lasagna: cooked in individual portions, is ideal for those who welcome visitors at home and want a meal with gourmet dishes. As a filling, Bolognese sauce and mozzarella guarantee the traditional taste of the dish.

34. Single lasagna in the microwave: accompanied by Bolognese sauce pepperoni, cheese platter, ham and cream cheese, this recipe is a healthier alternative to frozen lasagna, presented on individual taste and guaranteed part and speed in preparation.

35. Lasagna: This lasagna is made in an unconventional way: the dough is cupcake-shaped and covers the sides and bottom of the mold. The assembly is done in the traditional way: filling with minced meat, white sauce and another layer of dough. Creative and delicious. 36.

wrapped lasagna: used pastry dough, the author wrapping recipe lasagna like a pancake, more guaranteed to fill the plate. The taste of the filling is given by the white cheese, which is broken with the hands, in small pieces and related to the ricotta. 37.

Lasagna Salad: This cold plate uses turkey breast, mozzarella cheese sauce made with mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard and instead of pasta, tomatoes and lettuce are the fillings. Great option for warmer days.

lasagnas sweet 38 Lasagna white brigadier, strawberry and Nutella: good choice for sweet lovers, this lasagna layer alternately performs white brigadier, chocolate cream, sliced ​​strawberry and finally the hazelnut cream. To make it even more beautiful, garnish it with sliced ​​strawberries.

39. White and black chocolate lasagna: In this lasagna, layers of white chocolate cream are mixed with layers of chocolate cream. Finally, shell two types of chocolate onto the top layer of the shell

40 Lasagna red fruits and almonds are added: This recipe uses the classic pasta lasagna. To stuff it, puree the kiwi, strawberries and raspberries together with ricotta and pieces of fruit.

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