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I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for varied dishes that can be prepared “just quickly”. Our lunches should be varied, as healthy as possible and of course also incredibly tasty &# 128521; his. In addition, they should be able to be prepared without much (time) effort, because I simply lack the time to stand in the kitchen forever at noon. Oh yes, and the ingredients should be food that you usually have at home anyway. So nothing too exotic.

Otherwise we have no claims &# 128578; and today I’m going to introduce you to our top 6 lunch snacks, which largely meet all requirements.

1) Pancakes with a fruit face

Pancakes are made quickly and are always eaten with us. However, they are not only suitable as a quick lunch, but can also be eaten cold the next day. Or are you planning an excursion? Great, just make a few more pancakes because they are great to take away!

Ingredients: 200 g of flour, 350 ml of milk, 4 eggs, a pinch of salt, apples, bananas

Preparation: Mix the flour, milk and eggs with the pinch of salt into a liquid dough using the hand mixer. Heat a coated pan, add two ladles of batter to the pan and bake over medium heat until the pancakes on the top start to freeze. Then turn the pancake and finish baking. While baking the pancakes on the stove, cut the fruit and decorate the finished pancakes with it.

2) Semolina curd cheese green-blue

Not just a simple semolina porridge, but Semolina curd dessert according to Omi’s recipe &# 128521; We like our semolina porridge so much because it is nice and airy and has a special taste. If you don’t like curd so much, you can just leave it out.

Ingredients: 1 l milk, 120 g semolina, 1 tbsp vanilla sugar, 250 g curd cheese, grapes

Preparation: Bring the milk to a boil, stir in the semolina, add the vanilla sugar and bring to the boil with stirring for a few minutes. Remove the pan from the hob, add the curd cheese and stir well. Fill in bowls and garnish the fruit on top.

3) Tomato caterpillars

I really like caterpillars in this way &# 128578; These skewers are not only delicious, they are also colorful. And the kids love them very much!

Ingredients: Cocktail tomatoes, 1/2 cucumber, cheese slices, skewers, sugar pearls and sugar writing

Preparation: Cut the cucumber into slices, cut them in half. Roll up the slices of cheese and cut into several small snails. Put the tomatoes and cucumber pieces alternately on the skewers. Finally, glue the sugar pearls onto the tomatoes with a swab of sugar writing.

4) Rice pudding males

Rice pudding – the classic par excellence, right? My kids really like it, so we usually have this dish once a week.

Ingredients: 1 l milk, 250 g rice pudding, optional: 1 tbsp sugar, cocoa for sprinkling, apples

Preparation: Boil milk (by the way, I always use fresh milk; it tastes a little sweeter and so I can leave out the sugar!), Add rice and let it steep for 30 minutes on very low heat. Stir regularly. Pour the rice pudding into the bowls and decorate. Finished &# 128521;

5) Avocado beetle

I got the idea for this recipe from Julia from My Healthy Kid. However, I couldn’t help but at least put my eyes on the avocado tomatoes &# 128521; The children really like these beetles. And even Sohnemann, who has never tasted avocado in “solid” form, ate several of these delicious beetles!

Ingredients: 1 (ripe) avocado, 1 beef tomato, several cocktail tomatoes, a few drops of lemon juice, sugar eyes

Preparation: Crush the avocado with a fork, add the lemon juice and mix well. Halve the tomatoes, add the avocado paste and add the sugar eyes.

6) Angry Bread – or: "Mom, my bread looks angry at me!"

We like to eat bread. And we like almond butter too. So what would be more obvious than simply using the creamy almond butter as a delicious spread?

Ingredients: Bread slices, almond butter, bananas, mandarins, cucumber, sugar eyes

Preparation: Not really, right? &# 128521;

Do you have any other good ideas for delicious dishes in store? Or can you link to a corresponding page? Then leave me a message in the comments, because I would be very grateful for new tips and inspiration!

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