7 Dishes you should eat in the swiss alps

Cheese and chocolate are the export hits from Switzerland. They convince all over the world with quality and taste. But traditional Swiss cuisine can do much more. How about hearty Älplermagronen, a hearty Capuns or a crispy hash brown with fried egg and bacon? In the Swiss Alps, people not only like to hike often, they also enjoy eating extremely. IndenBergen has put together 7 dishes that you should eat in the Swiss Alps.

Älplermagronen – hearty pasta

This typical Swiss dish consists of pasta, potatoes, cream, cheese and onions. In Switzerland, the Alpine pastures are referred to as “Älpler”. Magronen was derived from the Italian word "maccheroni". The maccheroni, i.e. the pasta, only came to the Central Alps when the Gotthard tunnel was built and the Italian workers brought their pasta with them from their home country, which then quickly spread to Switzerland. Nowadays Penne is often used for the Älplermagronen instead of Maccheroni. Applesauce is served as a traditional side dish. Depending on where you are in the Swiss Alps, ham strips, roasted bacon cubes or cervelat are added.

The Rösti – famous potato flatbread

What you must have eaten on a trip to the Swiss Alps is the Rösti or by locals also known as «Röschti». The German-Swiss specialty consists solely of grated and cooked "Gschwellti" (jacket potatoes), which are only bound by the starch contained in the potatoes. In hot butter or fat, the potato flatbread is baked in a pan as soon as both sides are fried until golden brown. A fried egg, a veal sausage and a well-seasoned onion sauce are often served with the hash browns. In addition, the rösti is a classic accompaniment to the “Zurich sliced”.

Zurich sliced

The Swiss dish is not only cooked and eaten in the mountains, but also in the Limmat city of Zurich. Zurich sliced ​​is a briefly sautéed ragout made from veal in cream sauce, and a rösti as a side dish. For a hearty ragout and the cream sauce you need, among other things. Onions, white mushrooms, flour, butter, sliced ​​veal, cognac, white wine, cream and veal stock.

Birchermüesli – healthy porridge

In addition to the delicious Swiss chocolate and fondue, the Bircher muesli is the only Swiss dish that is eaten worldwide. While most people eat muesli for breakfast in the morning, the Swiss particularly like the Birchermüesli for dinner. The main ingredients are grated apples, enriched with nutritious and healthy oats "Oat Flöckli". Nowadays the Bircher muesli is served with yogurt, sugar or cream. Therefore, today it is eaten more as a dessert or for breakfast. The Swiss Birchermüesli is also perfect for the morning hiking break as "Z’nüni", as the Swiss call their morning break.

Capuns – hearty chard noodles

If you hike in the Graubünden mountains, you definitely have to try capuns. The traditional dish from the canton of Graubünden is a hearty specialty of the region. A spaetzle batter, which is enriched with herbs and small pieces of salsiz (smoked raw sausage) or Bündnerfleisch, is wrapped in a small packet in chard leaves. The capuns are boiled in milk water and, depending on the recipe, baked with mountain cheese. A sauce made from milk water and broth (broth) is served. The Swiss chard leaves are also called capuns leaves in the Swiss vernacular.

Raclette – melted cheese

Whether winter or summer, a raclette can always be enjoyed. The simple dish consists of “Gschwellten” (jacket potatoes) and melted raclette cheese, which is melted in a special raclette oven (gourmet oven). Pickles, pickled onions or corn on the cob and fried bacon are served. The raclette is a dish that is best enjoyed in a group, letting the wait for the melting cheese pass with conversations and a good glass of wine.

Cheese horn pasta with cheese and apple sauce

Serve cheese noodles with applesauce – only Swiss people can get that! Perhaps this combination may be rather idiosyncratic at first, but it always tastes good! The cheese is particularly important for this Swiss cheese-making dish. This should be able to pull as many threads as possible. Add an onion and of course the Hörnli (macaroni). A hearty dish that you can order in practically any Swiss restaurant or mountain hut. A delicacy in itself!

Information about Swiss cuisine

Depending on where you are in Switzerland, different dishes are served. The German-Swiss, French, Italian and Romanesque mountain cuisine differ immensely. There are also cantonal and regional differences in how a particular Swiss dish is prepared and served. Switzerland captivates with diverse meat specialties such as the Bündnerfleisch, raw chic and sausages such as the Cervelat. The Swiss are leaders in the production of chocolate; other specialties include the “carrot cake” or a type of sandwich called “Zopf”. And of course Switzerland is the country of cheese par excellence. Dishes like fondue and raclette are part of every Swiss menu.

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