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9 unbeatable delicious dishes from Bavaria that you have to try


9 unbeatable delicious dishes from Bavaria that you have to try

Drive to Nuremberg, Munich or Neumarkt and treat yourself to a few delicious Bavarian delicacies. Pretzels, cheese, spaetzle and many delicious treats are waiting for you; access!

At the first bite into your frozen pizza, which is a bit too "crispy" on the edge, do you think that there should actually be something better? No need to worry! Simply book a ticket to Bavaria and let the treats of Bavarian cuisine tear you away. We have put together some of our favorite dishes that you can expect in Bavaria. Read on for recipes and more information.

1. Munich white sausage

One of the most traditional dishes not only has cult status in Bavaria, but also has hidden secret powers: the ideal cure for the hangover the morning after. The white sausages are made from a mixture of veal and pork and spices. The dish is not complete without a dab of mustard – and a fresh wheat beer should never be missing. Welcome to the best breakfast of your life.

2. Bavarian liver cheese

Bavarian liver cheese is basically nothing more than bread – only that the flour has been replaced by proteins. Contrary to what you might expect, this is not a liver! Beef, pork, lard, water and salt are mixed to get the compact mixture that is usually eaten in a bread roll. The crispy edge is a special treat. Never miss it!

3. Bavarian pretzels

Everyone loves pretzels. These huge, salt-sprinkled delicacies are best served warm from the oven, but we actually eat them everywhere and everywhere. Original Bavarian pretzels are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And the best thing about them: you can even take XXL format. Delicious!

4. Spaetzle

Noodles are a real dish for body and soul, with which it is difficult to hold back. But the Bavarian version of the pasta, the spaetzle, will put you in unknown spheres of pleasure. Similar to macaroni and cheese, these small, soft dough particles that sink into the cheese are real happiness. Would you like to try them out yourself? Try this recipe.

5. Liver dumpling soup

Those who like to eat liver will declare the traditional dumpling soup, which is served in many Bavarian restaurants, as their new favorite dish. The dumplings are made from liver and flour and can take the form of small spaetzle or large balls.

6th Nuremberg Rostbratwurst

Nuremberg has its own typical sausage that you should definitely try. This bratwurst ranks in the absolute upper class in the world of sausages. The recipe is even “protected” to ensure that each copy meets the same high standard. Don’t go home without costing one of them (or ten … they’re really small).


Cheese dip as a side dish with beer is always a good idea and is actually unbeatable – but not if you are a genuine Bavarian! Obazda is made from aged cheese, lots of butter, spices and a dash of beer. To top it off, the mass is usually spread on the well-known giant pretzels, which makes small portions practically impossible. Bring this combination to your table when you next invite friends. You can get the recipe here.

8. Bavarian donut

Anything that can be fried, sprinkled with sugar and filled with jam or vanilla cream just has to be good. You think donuts are nothing new? But have you ever wondered what a real Bavarian donut tastes like? Star Wars ™ has already taught us that the original is always better. Can’t wait to reach the land of milk and honey? Reduce the waiting time with the recipe from Blog.München.de.

9. Bread dumplings

Do you still have some sauce on your plate? Then the bread dumpling has its big appearance. The balls of bread dough work like an edible sponge so that not a single delicious drop has to be left on the plate. Why should bland bread be used for dipping when there is a variant refined with onions and garlic? Find the recipe and cooking instructions for you here.

While these are some of the best Bavarian dishes, there are many more that are not on our list! It goes without saying that most of these dishes are only really complete with a Bavarian beer. The Park Inn by Radisson Hotels in Munich, Nuremberg and Neumarkt look forward to your stay if you go on a journey of discovery through the culinary delights (at least until you decide to finally move to Bavaria because of the great cuisine).

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