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At the moment we have a small pool of apples, we prefer to be supplied by all relatives and store for the winter. Isn’t that great when you’re being looked after.

For me as the cook of the house, of course, this is a perfect excuse to rummage for hours after apple recipes. Must also be processed, all the delicious fruit &# 128578; Even if an apple is supposed to work miracles every day.

My aunt gave me an Italian apple pie the other day and when I asked about it, it turned out to be so quick and easy to do, you can bring it along to your neighbor’s spontaneous invitation.

And this is how it is done.

150 g of sugar and 2 eggs Stir until frothy. Then something cooled, dissolving Butter (100 g) stir to it. 2 Table spoons of milk inflict and with 100g flour and 1/2 packet of baking powder stir.
Ca. 4 finely chopped apples fold in and place in a greased springform pan. Bake at 180 ° for 40 minutes and then with powdered sugar pollinate.

cream of course it tastes delicious too, I was told &# 128578; So who eats a piece? Happy Sunday dear ones.

Sunny also had the remark that the dough was very sweet for her. I’ve already subtracted 50g from the original recipe, but Italians probably like it very much * g *
Therefore, prefer to use a little less sugar and sweeten the dough. May also depend somewhat on the acidity of the apples. They are deliciously sour with us.

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very delicious, I will go to the back, I like to be in between for a quick – delicious and juicy snack like this ….
will also like to report afterwards how it tastes .. laughs..
Thank you very much for the tip that I discovered by accident …
Thank you
Angel Face

Coincidences are sometimes wonderful anyway and so I hope you like the cake. And I would very much like to read your report, because that way I can often improve my recipes a little &# 128578;
best regards

That really sounds very simple. I’m always available for quick recipes :-). And the cake looks delicious too.
Have a nice first Advent.
Ari – Ari Sunshine

And he smelled delicious. Even later when I got home everything was still filled with fresh baking scent.

I’m actually not that big a cake fan. But with an apple pie like that I could get weak. Looks really delicious &# 128578;

Best wishes and a nice first Advent

I like dry cakes best, unfortunately I am not allowed to eat anything because of my health, but when I do I try something &# 128578;

Hello Ela, with apple pie and quickly for the lazy hurry me &# 128578;
Thanks for the recipe. I wish you a happy Sunday in Advent

A little lazy sometimes doesn’t hurt, right?

I love apple pie

…. And now I’m hungry for cake :))) I still have apples and all the ingredients at home. I think tomorrow would be a good day to bake
LG and a nice 1st Advent for you
by Heidi

I think Monday is an excellent baking day. Please report whether you liked it.

Looks delicious and the recipe sounds surprisingly simple &# 128578; , so perfect!

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