About me

I’m, uh…

  • Nicola Marci
  • 36 years old
  • from Dayton / Utah / US
  • Chef at a restaurant that serves traditional French cuisine
  • Father of three children

I love…

  • all vegetables on this earth (how many there are, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?)
  • Mediterranean herbs (self-planted)
  • unusual taste combinations (ravioli with vanilla butter are a dream!)
  • animals (especially my horse)
  • the smell of coffee and homemade cake (best at the weekend)
  • Guests with much hunger (parties at my place are famous for finger food)
  • self-created drinks on balconies (served with chilly music and conversation)

I want to…

  • share my ideas and my joy of cooking & eating with you and I am looking forward to visits, comments, and exchange!

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