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I am looking for typical Albanian delicacies that are suitable for a cold buffet. I would be very happy about recipes and links.

I had also found Passul and Pite, but both are not suitable for a cold buffet.

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you can cook up and down the entire Croatian, Turkish and Serbian repertoire, because Albania does not have its own specialties typical of the country.

everything you can put on the grill is proper.

Lamb kebabs, whole grilled fish (of course not a whole cat shark) with lemon, rice with peppers and and and.

The Albanian cuisine is influenced by Turkish influences (e.g. lamb, Turkish coffee, Qofte (Turkish: Köfte) and has similarities to other Balkan kitchens (a lot of sheep’s cheese, similar to the Greek feta). Salads, vegetables and potatoes or seasonal fruits such as grapes, pomegranates and melons are also common, and Italian food is also popular.

There are only a few special Albanian specialties that must be eaten. Traditionally, the Albanian schnapps Raki Rrushi and other home-made spirits, which accompany every good meal.

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Passul are white beans that you soak in water for one night before, the next day bring a pot of water to a boil and let the beans boil for 2 hours until they are nice and soft Add 4 tablespoons of flour and 5 pieces of Suzuk (Turkish garlic sausage) to this, then briefly fry them, then add 3 tablespoons of sweet paprika powder to the Passul and let everything boil again briefly, sprinkle with parsley. Tastes really delicious.

with it you have to drink lettuce and white bread. Salt is yoghurt which you dilute with water and a pinch of salt

so here is a pite variant. This is a kind of filled puff pastry. However, pite is often taken as a generic term for numerous Albanian dough specialties and is specially identified by the addition of a name.

First of all: you actually need a round sheet with a diameter of approx. 38cm. Most will not have this basic Albanian equipment, so you can use a square baking sheet and either roll out the dough halfway round (leaving the edges of the sheet free) or try to get the dough sheet into a square shape. We do not use a normal rolling pin to roll it out, but a longer, thinner wooden stick, as it is e.g. is used in Turkey. Because Albanian housewives have a certain technique to roll out the dough sheet, which would not be possible with the chunky rolling pin. If necessary, a rolling pin is also possible, don’t panic

INGREDIENTS for 1 pite (enough for 2-4 people, depending on how much you eat)

200 ml warm water

some fat to fry

Butter (melted) or alternatively (vegetable / sunflower) oil

Flour for rolling

Prepares the filling: Wash the pore well, cut into fine strips / rings and slowly simmer gently in the pan with a little fat. Salt and let cool slightly, then stir in the Schmant.

Now the dough: Knead an elastic dough from the specified ingredients and leave it covered for a few minutes. (It may be that the quantities are not exactly accurate, as I said, the dough is made more by feel. Just more water if it is too firm, or more flour if it is too soft.)

Now divide the dough into 16 to 18 small \"Bun\" and roll them out with a little flour to the size of a saucer. Coat all but 2 with the butter or oil and stack 2 times 8 (or 9) \"Pancakes\" one on top of the other, the ones not greased \"Pancakes\" come on top as a lid. Now take the one stack and roll it out to the size of the sheet and line the greased sheet with this dough sheet. The filling is spread over it. Do the same with the other stack and cover the filling with it. Now sprinkle the whole thing properly with butter / oil and put it in the preheated oven. At 250 ° C the whole thing is then baked golden brown and after baking it is covered with a cloth and left to stand for a few minutes so that it becomes a little softer and does not crumble too much.

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