Alcohol-free apple and grape punch with vanilla – tulip day

For me, punch is next to iced tea THE number 1 summer drink. I mean, how nice is the idea of ​​lying on your lounger in the sun with a book in your hand or music in your ear and sipping a delicious punch. Refreshing, fruity and sweet.
A punch bowl is also perfect for garden celebrations with the family or barbecues with friends, because it is made in no time and is always an eye-catcher.

I was now allowed to develop a delicious non-alcoholic bowl recipe with fruit juices. Great, because I love the large selection of juices in the supermarket. If you can still experiment a little with it: Perfect. I chose the classic apple juice and grape juice because they have such a beautiful color and are one of my favorite juices. In addition vanilla, some sugar and of course mineral water for the freshness kick. Sliced ​​organic lemon slices and halved or whole grapes are added to the jar. So delicious!

Recipe for apple and grape punch with vanilla

makes 10 glasses

1l naturally cloudy apple juice
850ml grape juice
2 vanilla pods
2 lemons (organic, edible peel)
200g grapes (seedless)
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
900ml mineral water


1. Pour the apple juice and the grape juice into a punch bowl.
2. Cut open the vanilla pods and scrape out the pulp. Add both to the juice.
3. Cut the lemons into wedges, halve the grapes if necessary and put both in the jar.
4. Stir in the brown sugar. It’s best to let something go through.
5. Add the mineral water to the bowl before serving.

Interesting facts about fruit juice

Do you actually know the difference between fruit juice, fruit nectar and fruit juice spritzer? And have you ever wondered why there is no banana juice, for example, but only banana nectar?

at fruit juice you can always be sure that 100% fruit is included. Pure apple, orange or grape juice does not contain water, nor any coloring or preservatives.

Fruchtnektar however, always has between 25 and 50% fruit content (depending on the type of fruit). The rest is water and possibly sugar. Sour fruit in particular, such as rhubarb or sour cherry, are not sold neat. The same goes for banana and mango. Purely, the consistency would be mushy instead of liquid. So you mix them with nectar or mix them with other types of fruit.

fruit juice spritzer always consists of a mix of fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate, fruit market as well as drinking water or mineral water and carbon dioxide. The best-known example is the apple juice spritzer.

I find the interactive graphic "How much fruit is in the bottle?" On the VdF website really good to take a look at the different fruit contents in different juices, spritzers and nectars.

Do you also like to drink punch? What comes in with you?

* This contribution was created in cooperation with the Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry (VdF).

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