Aldi south: ambiano mini oven as the highlight of the week

by Stefan SprickUpdated November 8, 2019

The next highlight from the Aldi Süd range and at the same time as the highlight of the week is the Ambiano mini oven. You can buy it from Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at a price of € 29.99. On our blog we present you all information about the new model of the 2019 generation.

The Ambiano mini oven presents itself in a dark look with controls and handles that are visually different. It has the dimensions of 42 x 25.5 x 37 centimeters and its space in the interior comprises 15 liters. Despite the small volume, it should be possible to prepare commercially available pizzas. The connected load is specified with 1080 to 1300 watts and depends on the selected settings. The temperature can be continuously adjusted up to 230 degrees. For different requirements, three heating functions are available with the top heat, the bottom heat and with a combination program.

The desired runtime is set via the timer. It runs for a maximum of 60 minutes and offers a tone signal at the end of the term. Another special feature is a large viewing window made of heat-resistant glass. The preparation of dishes can be observed. In the area of ​​security there is a protective function against overheating. The feet have anti-slip properties. A baking sheet and a grill rack are included in the scope of delivery. The manufacturer’s warranty covers three years. TÜV Süd certification and GS marking are available.

Rating for the Ambiano mini oven

As in previous years, Aldi will also be selling a mini oven this spring. The new model from Ambiano is offered at a particularly affordable price and as the highlight of the week. It offers uncomplicated operation and it is designed for smaller tasks when preparing food. Smaller amounts of food can thus be prepared quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the included accessories, it is also suitable for grilling and baking. You can write us your opinions, tests and reviews about the mini ovens from Ambiano and Co. in the comments.

Data sheet for the Ambiano mini oven

  • Approximately 1080-1300 W.
  • Large viewing window made of heat-resistant glass
  • Approximately 15 l volume – suitable for e.g. B. Pizza up to approx. Ø 26 cm
  • Stepless temperature control, max. Temperature approx. 230 ° C
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Incl. Baking tray and grill rack
  • 60 minute timer with sound signal
  • Non-slip feet for a safe stand
  • 3 different heating functions: top heat, bottom heat, top and bottom heat
  • overheating protection
  • Dimensions approx .: 42 x 25.5 x 37 cm
  • TÜV Süd certified
  • GS tested security
  • Price: € 29.99
  • Available from April 23, 2019 (week 17) as the highlight of the week

Price comparison and alternatives

SEVERIN TO 2064 baking and toast oven (1,200 W, including grill rack and baking tray, 14 L).
€ 74.99€ 43.99
More details
TZS First Austria – 19 liter mini oven with crumb tray | 1380 watts |.
€ 44.99
More details
TZS First Austria – 30 liters, 1600 watt mini oven with interior lighting and circulating air.
€ 56.99
More details
TZS First Austria – 35 liter, 1600 watt mini oven with interior lighting and circulating air.
€ 69.99
More details
TZS First Austria – 45 liter mini oven mini oven with convection | 2000 watt mini.
€ 79.99
More details
Digital mini oven with circulating air (45 liters) oven gloves recipe book.
€ 89.90
More details

The Ambiano mini oven from 2018

As the next offer at Aldi Süd, we will focus on the Ambiano mini oven. You can get it in the 16th week of the calendar from Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the stores for € 34.99.

The Ambiano mini oven is presented in a housing measuring 40 x 34 x 25.3 centimeters. Analog controls are available for the individual functions. The power of the oven is specified at 1200 watts and the maximum runtime of 60 minutes is set via the timer. Inside there is a space of 13 liters. Due to its design, pizzas with a diameter of 26 centimeters can also be prepared in the Ambiano oven.

The temperature is set using a controller. The maximum temperature is specified at 230 degrees. There are three different functions for the top heat, the bottom heat and a combination of top and bottom heat. In the area of ​​security, protection against overheating is included. The viewing window is double glazed and it is heat-resistant. There is a control lamp for the operating status.

The scope of delivery offers a grill and a stainless steel baking tray and a tray for the crumbs. The manufacturer’s warranty covers three years. There is a GS marking for tested safety. All other technical information follows in the attached data sheet.

Rating for the Ambiano mini oven 2018

The small oven from Ambiano is perfect for small households or for singles. It takes up little space and provides the most important functions for baking and grilling. Like a normal oven, it has programs for the top and bottom heat. The space of 13 liters is sufficient for smaller amounts of food or for a pizza up to 26 centimeters in size. You can write reviews and tests for the Ambiano oven in the comments.

  • Approximately 13 liter volume – suitable for pizza up to 26 cm Ø
  • Heat-resistant and double-glazed viewing window
  • Non-slip feet for a safe stand
  • Stepless temperature control, max. Temperature approx. 230 ° C
  • 3 different heating functions: top heat, bottom heat, top and bottom heat
  • overheating protection
  • 60 minute timer with sound signal
  • Approximately 1200 watts
  • Power light
  • Including extensive accessories: stainless steel grill grate, stainless steel baking sheet, crumb tray
  • Dimensions approx .: 40 x 34 x 25.3 cm
  • 3 year guarantee
  • SGS GS tested security
  • Available from April 19, 2018 (KW 16) at Aldi Süd
  • Price: € 34.99

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Unfortunately wrong information.
This device costs 34.99 euros.

Thanks for the correction. The correct price was noted in the data sheet below. Only in the text above was he wrong &# 128578;

Kind regards
Stefan Sprick

The mini oven does not even come close to the set temperature: I chose 200 ° C, measured only 148 ° C after about 30 minutes, I choose 150 ° C, I measure just under 130 ° C. If I set it to MAX, I measure just under 170 ° C. SO this device is only of very limited use.

The MB1317 bought on April 19. put into operation at the end of May, it is used every morning to bake the rolls. Now the MB has already rusted inside. after 2 months of use. It is absolutely unacceptable. I received a replacement device from the company, but I am absolutely not satisfied. What kind of material (scrap) is used.
I have received a letter with the replacement device stating that the guarantee period will not be extended. That’s rude.

I think I fully agree with your opinion… I am quite disappointed…
Also consider packing the device and returning it (as long as it is still clean inside) &# 128512;

I bought the device on Tuesday (about 2 days ago) and tried it out at home – as excited as I was. Because I haven’t been able to eat baked food at home for over a year (because my oven is broken from the stove and I didn’t want to buy a completely new stove)
I thought such a mini oven would be cheaper and at the price of ALDI I finally gave myself a push and bought it.
well ….
Once I baked pasta with cheese and once I wanted to bake 2 breads with ham and cheese.
Since my microwave is faster AND makes the cheese just as dry and "would-be-crispy" in a much shorter time than this MB. &# 128577;

I set it to 200 ° C (what kind of bread should be enough with cheese?)
The MB also preheated for 10 minutes … Then put it in with the bread on the tray in the middle of the MB and set on top and bottom heat.
Duration: the time is only set to 20 minutes.
After it was over and nothing happened or the cheese on the bread only started to warm up slightly until it started to heat up (softened but NOT melted) I thought – ok, another 20 minutes! Testing. We’ll see.

after 40 minutes and several times switching to only top heat (because of above + heat for cheese) it was melting but nothing looked like it would be crispy gratin. &# 128577;

Maybe I’m expecting too much? But my feeling tells me: at 200 ° C, more should happen with bread in 40 minutes. (Which makes the power consumption quite expensive, I thought, if I need to bake bread for almost an hour each time.)

As I said, I’m disappointed and still don’t know how to do it with pizza + sausages or steak maybe.
(I’m trying to bake a sausage in it tonight – let’s see, but I’m sure it won’t be much different) &# 128512;

If I hear it after using it for about 1-2 months (@Lionti)
the thing rusted inside (.) – I’m afraid that even at this low price the 30 euros would be thrown away or not?

If someone has better experiences with the device here, or even tips or explanations of what I may have done wrong (?)
please write a comment here, I’ll check the days here again &# 128578; ,THANK YOU!

Thanks for the detailed report on the mini oven. One thing would come to mind. You might be able to check the heat in general. If you have an oven thermometer it would be a good idea to see if the oven can develop the desired temperature at all.

At a temperature of 200 degrees, the dishes mentioned should be ready within minutes and not after almost three quarters of an hour. Maybe the heating element does not do what it should. The best way to check this would be with a baking and oven thermometer.

Sincerely yours
Stefan Sprick

@Stefan Sprick
Hi there!

Thanks for the tip – but unfortunately I don’t have an oven thermometer (never used or owned!)
To buy an extra just to "notice" differences that I have noticed without it, I do not see as necessary at the moment. (Money.)
I agree with you, it also seems to take far too long to cook, at 200 ° C – but it also seems to me that such a mini oven cannot really be compared to a large oven from the stove. (Maybe it is "normal" then?) I don’t know &# 128578;

The heating elements – which you addressed – both glow (top and bottom) during the warm-up phase e.g. , so I assume that it is correct, they are hot too – only it can actually be that if you push the sheet in the middle and use the MB with top and bottom heat, it will take longer.
Also I thought it could be on the door – since I suspect it could be that the heat also disappears while the oven is running – despite the fact that it is closed – because it doesn’t have the kind of rubber that is on the stove like the oven. B. what makes it possible that heat is lost.
(but I’m not a professional) &# 128578;

I recently tried to move the whole thing to 230 degrees (maximum level) and upwards (although you have to stand by it otherwise everything burns.)
I will try it a few more times I think – try different things, nevertheless I fear that it will consume a lot of electricity if the food takes so long to finish. Baking a couple of breads with cheese is one thing – but preparing a pasta bake in the oven that takes about 40 minutes could cost a lot – especially if you use this oven very often.

As I said, I’m torn between: give it back or keep it. It is the first time that I have bought such a device – so I still have little experience or comparisons.

I wish you a nice holiday!

If in doubt, I would return the device if it does not meet expectations. That with the oven thermometer was just a tip that you could try to check how high the heat is. I won’t be able to help you much further. Maybe another reader has a tip or similar / different experiences and could describe you here.

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