Alfons schuhbeck: he keeps his private life secret – he has a wife and three children

He has wife and three children Alfons Schuhbeck: "I never cook at home"

In the AZ conversation, Alfons Schuhbeck shows himself privately like never before – the star cook talks about his family and says why he lives in his own world.

One cannot accuse Alfons Schuhbeck (69) of underemployment: the star chef seems omnipresent. Whether at Platzl or on TV. His new weekly program starts next Sunday "Schuhbeck’s kitchen cabaret" (BR, November 18, from 5:15 pm), where he rattles, simmers and entertains with Luise Kinseher, Monika Gruber, Helmut Schleich and many others.

The AZ met the Platz (l) hirsch in its South Tyrolean parlors. The drink that is given for discussion is – how could it be otherwise: ginger water.

AZ: Mr. Schuhbeck, there is a life without ginger?
Not for me. I actually notice that I’m addicted to ginger. It started 35 years ago with me. Crazy but healthy.

When was the last time you were sick?
I can not remember. A good sign. Long time ago.

So drinking ginger water really does something?
And how! The immune system is pushed, the joints stay fit. I feel great. Important: The bowl must stay on. I cut the ginger into slices and like to add lemon. It is a natural antibiotic.

How many cups do you drink each day?
Three definitely. And my spice capsules – better than botox. There is always a carafe around somewhere. In the morning I mix a few drops of ginger syrup into the coffee. So the day starts with power.

Which cabaret artist cooks best?
Oh, the Moni Gruber cooks quite well, not as dramatically as I do, but semi-dramatically. She takes it a bit more seriously than others.

Alfons Schuhbeck’s private life: he never cooks

With your new program, you only speak privately to the guests. I would also like to do that with you. Let’s go: how in love you are right now?
(Pause) Yes, always in the ginger. Seriously, it’s always the same for me.

What does it mean exactly?
I have my family, everything fits and is wonderful. I think some would be happy if they could do it like I did.

Alfons Schuhbeck’s family remains secret

Nobody knows her family.
Yes, because I don’t want that.

You have a wife, two sons and a daughter, right?
(nods) I think they have nothing to do with life here. They have their own lives, that is what they are supposed to lead, because they get there much faster – than if they were in tow from me.

How often does the Schuhbeck family meet??
Twice a week, at least. I really enjoy that.

Who cooks, apart from you?
They all do it well and happily. I don’t interfere. What is eaten is what is served. There is never complaining.

What do you like to cook at home??

Like nothing?
I never cook at home.

Your fridge is empty?
Well, there’s water in there already. And a bottle of wine and a little beer.

Go to the supermarket?
No, everything is delivered to me. What I ordered in the evening arrives in the morning with a truck.

The stove is never turned on at home?
Nope. Unless I’m making a steam bath for my face (laughs). But what should I mess around with when I have three kitchens in my parlors !? In the morning I like to go over to Maximilianstrasse – Munich already has something – drink my coffee and watch the city wake up. I love that.

There is no day off

Be on the move, in action. But when do you put your feet up??

Is doing nothing so bad?
I find it terrible when people are suddenly out somewhere and then just run around and talk about the past. I don’t want to be like that.

A day off is utopian?
I never have free time. But I don’t let myself be dismembered at work either. I love my work and am so often looking forward to the next day. And I try to deal with anything negative that might disturb or annoy me from eight to twelve o’clock. Don’t put off anything, just do it and then tick it off.

You are a big fan of Bavaria. Coach Niko Kovac has to go?
No way. Kovac is a decent guy with no bravery. He now comes in at a stage where Bayern is undergoing a change. Now you have to make sure that it doesn’t get under the wheels when it breaks. You saw in the game against Dortmund that Bayern were really good in places. You lost unfortunate a couple of times. It is also not entirely clear to me why they often failed to perform after 25 minutes. But when the boys start up their batteries, it’s a world-class team.

Schubeck sticks to Kovac

Munich has become too expensive?
All major cities have become more expensive – even Berlin. Munich has an incredible charm for it. When I came here 17 years ago, I wanted to get involved right away. I think that’s important – not just talking stupidly at the regulars’ table, but doing something. In the past people had their own fantasies and longings – today people are given their imaginations.

As the?
The cell phones dictate everything: whether you want to play a game or listen to music, everyone is informed, always available. I know you have to develop yourself, but I still don’t want every shit. participate. I live a bit in my own world.

You will be 70 next year – it is kind of special?
Zero. I’m still on the gas.

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