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Our love for apples and curiosity to create more from apples than apple crumble cake, apple pancake, apple cake, apple pie, apple jelly, apple chutney, apple juice, apple pulp, apple compote … and the deepest desire to find an answer to the many tomato ketchups formed the basis for our original Altländer apple ketchup.

Kerstin Hintz: “Countless times I cooked a hearty ketchup from different kinds of apple, tried with different spices, left something out, took other spices and other apples – family and guests, customers of our small shop tried, praised, criticized and eventually after The ketchup had been so good for three years that it became the favorite product in the shop. ”After a tasting by Jens Rittmeyer, a star chef friend at N ° 4 / Buxtehude, the ketchup was given a“ final touch ”:“ Very fine – I still lack a little tension, ”was his conclusion.

“In January 2018, I then worked on the lack of tension and was enthusiastic about the full-bodied fruitiness, the fine arrangement of the spices and the pinch of spice at the beginning of spring. "

We are all very happy about our success in creating such a delightful product without any preservatives, without flavor enhancers and without tomatoes. The best regional organic apples are the main ingredient, some spices, rhubarb, elder and a little ginger. Everything is hand-picked. Our ketchup is purely vegetable, gluten-free and lactose-free. We cook in small batches, our ketchup consists exclusively of controlled organic ingredients.

The ketchup goes very well with lamb, venison and perfectly with sheep or goat cheese. Delicately fruity, it complements a simple bratwurst, we love it with vegetable pans and it harmonises very nicely with a game meat pattie with lemon mayonnaise, caramelized apples and raddiccio strips.

For this product, we were recognized as the “Culinary Ambassador” of Lower Saxony in 2018.

The price per bottle is € 6.50 / 250ml bottle. The apple ketchup is available from us in the farm shop, in the Hobenköök in Hamburg’s Oberhafen and at Familia in Stade.

We also send our apple ketchup. The shipping costs are depending on the quantity ordered from € 3.79.

We are also happy to accept inquiries for larger container sizes, as well as inquiries from resellers.

orders & Please address inquiries to: [email protected]

opening hours


December 24, 2019 to January 16, 2020

farm shop & Coffee shop

Fri, Sat, Sun & Holidays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There are closed events within our opening hours. We ask for consideration.

Outside by appointment.

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