American breakfast – brunch and breakfast

The typical American breakfast has something for everyone: from hearty bacon to sweet pancakes with sticky maple syrup – everything your heart desires can be found. We have made a small expedition across the pond for you. How unhealthy an American breakfast really is?

What shouldn’t be missing from the American breakfast?

Hearty and sweet components are part of the classic American breakfast and above all: lots of hot dishes. Here are the top ten that American breakfast shouldn’t be missing.

  1. bacon
  2. eggs
  3. hot dog
  4. fried potatoes
  5. Pancakes
  6. grilled tomato
  7. toast
  8. Sweet spread
  9. Cereals
  10. Coffee and orange juice

Hearty American breakfast

Egg dishes are usually found in the form of scrambled eggs (scrambled) or fried eggs (peace). Our typical German hard-boiled breakfast egg is rather rare. Anyone who has breakfast in the USA and orders fried eggs has to be prepared for further questions: should the fried egg be turned over? And how long should it be used? There are three types of fried egg preparation:

  • not turned (sunny side up)
  • only turned briefly (over easy)
  • extensively fried on both sides (over medium)

No matter which type of eggs you choose: the bacon (bacon) is one of them. Fried nicely crispy and unfortunately also very greasy. This is nothing for the slim line. If you like it really hearty, you can also order a few sausages (sausages), which are usually no less greasy than the bacon. Airy American toast is eaten – or fried potatoes.

Sweets at the American breakfast

The sweet components of American breakfast are also not for calorie counters. Who does not know her? The mountains of pancakes, generously poured with sticky-sweet maple syrup? In addition to the pancakes, the maple syrup (maple syrup) not only an important part of breakfast, but also a versatile one: many Americans pour a strong sip of maple syrup over eggs and bacon. The selection is supplemented by various types of breakfast cereal and various spreads, such as the classic peanut cream. They are available with pieces, without pieces, with marshmallows and everything you can imagine. Some spreads are more reminiscent of a chocolate bar from Charlys chocolate factory than something that would really be spread on the airy toast.

What about fruits and vegetables?

Anyone who has so far missed the healthy components should rest assured. Not every American consumes huge amounts of fat and sugar every morning. There are also people in America who eat consciously and healthily. The selection of fresh fruit or grilled vegetables, various breakfast shakes and even calorie-free bread is at least as varied as the country itself. However, what distinguishes an American from a continental breakfast is the focus on the hot dishes. And if you are looking for dark wholemeal bread, you will unfortunately do so in vain.

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