American recipes – easy and delicious cooking like in the usa

The American kitchen is very simple and delicious. I have been living in the USA since 2012 with my American husband who is very good at cooking. I often look at some American recipes from him and report about them here:

Thanksgiving meal planning for beginners

Thanksgiving meal planning for beginners with instructions, schedule and recipes for beginners very easy to cook a Thanksgiving menu.

American breakfast

Breakfast in America

Grilled Cheese Hawaii – An American and German childhood snack merges

With the Grilled Cheese Hawaii I have merged two simple snacks from America and Germany.

Sweet potatoes with marshmallow recipe from America

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows are the tastiest way to eat yams. Super simple recipe for spooning.

Very simple butternut squash recipe – perfect in autumn

Butternut Squash recipe from America to spoon – very easy to cook and a great dish in the fall. Eat to spoon and feel good.

Cinnamon apple butter from the slow cooker

Recipe cinnamon apple butter / apple sauce from the slow cooker

Hot sausages spaghetti sauce in a slow cooker

Cooking in a slow cooker – recipe for spaghetti sauce with hot sausages – easy and quick to prepare and very tasty

Strawberry cupcakes with cream and jam filling – guest post

Strawberry cupcakes with cream and jam filling – A guest contribution by Sigrid from My Travel Diary USA – she shares with us a great recipe from the USA

Turkey Recipe – Traditional Thanksgiving Dish

Easy recipe for turkey from the USA. You can also make a good turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Turkey for beginners.

Warm up the corn on the cob quickly and easily

2 easy ways to reheat corn cobs from the previous day!

Pulled pork with cola in a slow cooker recipe from the USA

Even if it doesn’t look like it, pulled pork is still delicious. If you have a slow cooker, this is also a great meal to prepare in the morning.

Recipe American Bacon Franks

American cuisine is simple and tasty, and so is this recipe from the United States. Bacon Franks are quickly prepared, children love this food.

Pork Chop’s recipe from the slow cooker

German-American recipe for pork chops

Crumble cake with cranberries

Recipe crumble cake with cranberries

American Ribs Recipe

A recipe for american ribs with bbq, very simple but also very tasty. American recipe from my husband.


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