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Eating is a need, enjoying an art

Just recently, my husband and I were out with our son in the mall when we got hungry for cake. Do you know that We have cakes all the time, but sometimes you feel like eating the things you either haven’t done for a long time or never did. It was exactly the same with us. So we stood with long teeth at the bakery and stared at the Americans together. That’s it! We actually wanted to share – everyone gets something different and then you can try it anywhere. But when I asked my husband what he wanted, he immediately said “An American”. I felt the same way and I didn’t want to share &# 128512; So this time it was nothing to try. Unfortunately. Really, unfortunately.

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Because after we sat in the car and eagerly bit our Americans’ faces and memories of childhood, the disappointment was immediately evident in both of our faces. Seriously? We thought that was good? So I mean – have they always been so bad? Or just never bothered you before?

The things were really juicy only in the middle, the thickest point. The edge, however, was actually quite dry. The dough itself had little taste of its own. If anything, you could taste a little artificial vanilla flavor. Oh man. And the casting? Just cute. I would put my hand in the fire so that it was only mixed with water and not even milk. The disappointment was really big. With each additional bite you had the feeling that the dough becomes more in the mouth and the artificial vanilla aroma becomes more and more penetrating.

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Basically, my husband doesn’t let anything go to waste. And he is right about that, because throwing away food is actually the very last option. But after half the time I just didn’t feel like eating anymore. And an American was more than enough for my husband. I said “for later” and let the American slip back into the bakery bag. Just to put them in the trash can at an unnoticed moment. Too bad. A real shame.

Later I said to my husband “Ridiculous! These things are so quickly made and taste great ”. So the next day I went to the kitchen and baked Americans. Made quickly? It’s honestly an understatement. Things are faster in the oven than you can see. And I swear – they are so much more delicious than the ones you bought!

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The recipe has been slumbering in my archive for a year and I have always been waiting for the right time for publication. And when he came sometime, the pictures were no longer to my taste. And then I waited for the right time to finally make Americans again to be able to take new pictures. What takes a long time is finally good and so I can present you my absolute favorite recipe today.

I know that the lemon note is rather unusual, at least for the variant I bought. But I like them very much. Those who prefer to have the classic version simply leave out the abrasion, add a little more vanilla to the batter and replace the lemon juice in the pour with milk. Then you have the classic American baker. Just delicious &# 128512;

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