Anna’s halloween recipes, winifred well

Perhaps you would like to cook / bake the recipes mentioned in "Anna – The Snake Amulet".

Puff pastry cheese bone

Decorative spiders (For the spiders it is better to use raw beetroot. It is easier to carve. If you can not do it in one piece with the carving, or if you break a leg – with half a toothpick the legs can also be attached to the body of the spider "Chips" of the beetroot can, if you like, be processed in a herring salad.)

Also delicious: pumpkin soup

Recipes for yeast dough, salads, soups and cake pops are abundant on the Internet and you may already have your own favorite recipes.

Then only Anna’s pasta salad, beloved by Theo.
(Specifications for 500 g pasta = a bag)
You also need:
1 bunch of spring onions
1 red or yellow pepper
2 cans of tuna (in its own juice)
1 can of cashews
about 300 to 350 g mayonnaise (I love the one with the red lid from Thomy.)
salt and pepper

Cook the pasta according to the instructions and allow to cool.
In the meantime, wash the spring onions and cut them into small rings.
Wash the peppers and cut them into small cubes.
Open the cashew kernel, put a handful in the mouth, stir the rest with the onions, the pepper cubes and the tuna under the mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper.
Finally fold in the pasta.
Good Appetite!

"Two goats chew ten sugar bags" is a (originally A4 format) reading book that my daughter received over ten years ago for her fourth birthday. She dealt with it a lot and could already read in preschool – which was certainly not only due to the book.
Now I have converted it for Kindle Fire so that other reading beginners can have fun with the funny sayings and pictures, because a bookworm has to be fed early!
Here are a few sample pages:

New video for “The Night of the Flying Dragons” with beautiful music by Lotte von der Rolle. Have fun!

Lotte, Fritz and I produced this video for all friends of horses, magic and adventure. We hope you are curious about Minha’s story.

Minha (in Corian, in her mother tongue, she is called Versedi) has a carefree childhood at the Shidak border fortress. None of her friends ride faster or know how to handle the sword better than she. Your playmates agree: Minha would make a good general. But she is a girl – and all a girl has to do is obey, embroider and play Shandra.
After a wedding oracle, her friend Hagi believes that Minha will soon meet her future husband. But Minha would much rather be a dragon priestess. However, the decision is not in your hands, because the Great Goddess, the Mistress of the winged lizards, chooses her servants herself.
When Minha is fourteen years old, she sends her father to the court of Helam, where one should raise the pretentious general daughter to a modest bride. Minha has no idea that witches, demons and undead will soon cross their paths.

You can find this and all my other books on Amazon.

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