Apple pie with blanket

Butter or chocolate crumble cake. Apple with blanket. Eierschecke. Cake that I always have an appetite for. And that I’ve known since childhood. Not here. So I have to do it myself.

Action butter crumble runs as you know.
This time I have chosen “Apple with blanket” decided.
At first I thought it was a very complicated matter. Is not it. It’s easy, but takes a little time.

The recipe found is for a sheet. I cut all the ingredients in half – except for those from the cast. Because of the loved one and a lot and sweet.

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Perhaps you would like to cook / bake the recipes mentioned in "Anna – The Snake Amulet".

Puff pastry cheese bone

Decorative spiders (For the spiders it is better to use raw beetroot. It is easier to carve. If you can not do it in one piece with the carving, or if you break a leg – with half a toothpick the legs can also be attached to the body of the spider "Chips" of the beetroot can, if you like, be processed in a herring salad.)

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Difficulty: light

The confectioner’s favorite toy is marzipan. He kneads and shapes it, hides it in chocolates and decorates cakes with figures and ornaments. Marzipan is a treat for the eyes, heart and tongue. This is prepared raw, tasty and very healthy.

Ingredients for 110 g:

  • 100 g almonds (with skin); It becomes particularly aromatic when you use 60 g almond and 40 g apricot kernels
  • 3 – 4 teaspoons of creamy honey (3 teaspoons for firm, 4 teaspoons for soft marzipan)
  • 1/2 tsp dried rose petals (suitable for consumption)


  • Dryer or oven (lowest setting, leave the oven door open a little, use an oven thermometer if necessary)
  • coffee grinder
  • Kitchen strainer (optional)
  • spice mill


  • Preparation: 12 hours soaking time, 15 minutes working time (peel off the almond skin), 12 hours drying time
  • Preparation: 20 min.
  • Shelf life: a few weeks in the refrigerator or freeze (shelf life about 1 year)


Pour the almonds into a glass bowl and soak them covered with plenty of water for 12 hours.

Drain the soaking water and remove the brown almond skin. Rub the almond between your index finger, middle finger and thumb as if you were snapping your fingers. The light almond kernel slips out. If it works, skinning is quick.

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For gourmets

My reasons why I keep party menus simple

At my last party (carnival), we all agreed that there had to be a simple menu. There would be no starter platters or several side dishes, no fancy desserts or beverage stations. Instead, I would limit myself to the essentials: a small starter, a salad, the main course and the dessert. Of course, the latter was colorful according to the occasion, but I still learned that I prefer simple menus.

I also went to great lengths for the salad, but salads are easy! I used peanuts, mixed chicken and poured Egyptian black cumin oil on top. Honestly, nuts in salad are big! &# 128578;

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The typical American breakfast has something for everyone: from hearty bacon to sweet pancakes with sticky maple syrup – everything your heart desires can be found. We have made a small expedition across the pond for you. How unhealthy an American breakfast really is?

What shouldn’t be missing from the American breakfast?

Hearty and sweet components are part of the classic American breakfast and above all: lots of hot dishes. Here are the top ten that American breakfast shouldn’t be missing.

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Above all, American breakfast means: many options. In the Nalu Diner, guests can put together everything themselves. Oliver Miller offers 50 different egg variations. And coffee to take away.

Cooking video, step by step

Oliver Miller: "In America you can have breakfast 24 hours a day"

Breakfast at any time of the day, coffee with free refills and the best service – Oliver Miller misses that very much when he moves to Berlin from the American state of New Mexico in 2000.

"If you wanted to eat something somewhere late at the time, there was only kebab or sausage", says Oliver Miller. Nevertheless, it still takes twelve years before he opens an original American diner in the German capital: the restaurant Nalu diner in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg.

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In September 2009, we were on a 3-week trip to the USA, covering approximately 5,500 kilometers through the southeastern United States. The starting point of our tour was Washington D.C., from there we headed west / southwest to the cities of Nashville and Memphis. Then continue along the Mississippi in the so-called Deep South to Natchez and New Orleans, from there along the Gulf of Mexico eastwards to the beautiful cities of Savannah and Charleston.

From Charleston we started our way back to Washington. We always chose good mid-range hotels and, if possible, good restaurants, which was really not difficult. At the end of the trip, we found that we almost always ate well, but never got or saw an original American Apple Pie.

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The American kitchen is very simple and delicious. I have been living in the USA since 2012 with my American husband who is very good at cooking. I often look at some American recipes from him and report about them here:

Thanksgiving meal planning for beginners

Thanksgiving meal planning for beginners with instructions, schedule and recipes for beginners very easy to cook a Thanksgiving menu.

American breakfast

Breakfast in America

Grilled Cheese Hawaii – An American and German childhood snack merges

With the Grilled Cheese Hawaii I have merged two simple snacks from America and Germany.

Sweet potatoes with marshmallow recipe from America

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows are the tastiest way to eat yams. Super simple recipe for spooning.

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Eating is a need, enjoying an art

Just recently, my husband and I were out with our son in the mall when we got hungry for cake. Do you know that We have cakes all the time, but sometimes you feel like eating the things you either haven’t done for a long time or never did. It was exactly the same with us. So we stood with long teeth at the bakery and stared at the Americans together. That’s it! We actually wanted to share – everyone gets something different and then you can try it anywhere. But when I asked my husband what he wanted, he immediately said “An American”. I felt the same way and I didn’t want to share &# 128512; So this time it was nothing to try. Unfortunately. Really, unfortunately.

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02/18/2019 | Lukas Rathschlag

Make Americans yourself, make junk yourself, do everything yourself! No matter what particles, they are simply the hit with every coffee, breakfast or brunch. Here is a little digression into the world of particles.

At the bakery, they are always at the forefront of the display, look seductive and usually still impress in different colors. What do we mean? We are of course talking about particles, snails, junk or bits, as you just want to call them! These small pieces of pastry usually not only look incredibly refined, but also taste phenomenal. And it’s not just us who have often thought that Americans would be great doing it themselves.

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