There is absolute love for soups at the moment, so it is probably said today: "Soup, shut up the 2nd!"

Because today there is delicious minced meat and cheese soup with leek. A classic.

By the way, I don’t like soups just because they are easy to cook. No, they are also wonderful for taking pictures. Because I can let off steam and try things out. Then I just warm them up briefly and my family finally gets warm food again.

This is probably the downside of food bloggers. The food must first be photographed before it can touch a family member. If I’m honest, it all starts with shopping. I stand for ages in front of the fruit and vegetable stand, just to choose the most beautiful leeks, for example. I prefer not to talk about all the dishes, towels and vessels that I drag here. Hust.

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Cheese is more than fondue and raclette – be inspired by our recipes with KALTBACH cheese. We have reinterpreted classics and surprisingly combined the seasonal. The recipes are always successful and only require a few ingredients. Thanks to the simple preparation, they ensure relaxed cooking and more time for enjoyment. Conjure up a menu on the table and a smile on the faces of your guests with our KALTBACH cheese in a short time. We hope you enjoy trying it out and already now "en Guete".

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Colorful vegetable soup with kale

Kale is an excellent source of protein and energy and is especially known as a winter vegetable: Today, a recipe suggestion for kale – colorful vegetable soup with kale

Kale as a vegan source of protein

In the previous broccoli casserole with cheese recipe, I called broccoli a protein bomb. If broccoli is already a protein bomb, kale is a vegan protein atom bomb. Because kale contains 4.3 g of protein.

Broccoli is considered high in protein and contains around 2.8 g of protein. Spinach is also considered a plant with a high protein content and contains about 2.9 g of protein. Thus kale is clearly the winner as a vegan protein source.

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