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My reasons why I keep party menus simple

At my last party (carnival), we all agreed that there had to be a simple menu. There would be no starter platters or several side dishes, no fancy desserts or beverage stations. Instead, I would limit myself to the essentials: a small starter, a salad, the main course and the dessert. Of course, the latter was colorful according to the occasion, but I still learned that I prefer simple menus.

I also went to great lengths for the salad, but salads are easy! I used peanuts, mixed chicken and poured Egyptian black cumin oil on top. Honestly, nuts in salad are big! &# 128578;

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The American kitchen is very simple and delicious. I have been living in the USA since 2012 with my American husband who is very good at cooking. I often look at some American recipes from him and report about them here:

Thanksgiving meal planning for beginners

Thanksgiving meal planning for beginners with instructions, schedule and recipes for beginners very easy to cook a Thanksgiving menu.

American breakfast

Breakfast in America

Grilled Cheese Hawaii – An American and German childhood snack merges

With the Grilled Cheese Hawaii I have merged two simple snacks from America and Germany.

Sweet potatoes with marshmallow recipe from America

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows are the tastiest way to eat yams. Super simple recipe for spooning.

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Eating is a need, enjoying an art

Just recently, my husband and I were out with our son in the mall when we got hungry for cake. Do you know that We have cakes all the time, but sometimes you feel like eating the things you either haven’t done for a long time or never did. It was exactly the same with us. So we stood with long teeth at the bakery and stared at the Americans together. That’s it! We actually wanted to share – everyone gets something different and then you can try it anywhere. But when I asked my husband what he wanted, he immediately said “An American”. I felt the same way and I didn’t want to share &# 128512; So this time it was nothing to try. Unfortunately. Really, unfortunately.

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Recipes from around the world

Apple Pie is one of the most popular dishes here in the United States. Whether in the form of a covered pies or with a grid, Apple Pie is almost always seen as the epitome of the United States. It is not for nothing that the saying goes: "As American as apple pie." Now that I have been living here in Boston for more than three years, an "old fashioned apple pie" should not be missing on the blog. There is already a pie recipe on the blog, namely one with strawberries. Now that they are no longer in season, it is the turn of apples. I would say that Apple Pie is something like the apple strudel for Americans like we Austrians (recipe here). A classic that almost everyone likes and for which there are hundreds of different recipes. Of course, only your own family recipe is the real deal. After not having a family recipe at Pie, I made my own.

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Are you looking for Amaranth recipes? Here is our article ->Amaranth recipes.

Amaranth, the pseudo-grain from "Old America", can be prepared and eaten very versatile, whether raw, cooked, roasted, popped or puffed. The taste is comparable to that of nuts, the satiety effect of the small seeds is very high. This makes it interesting for figure-conscious people. The different types of preparation range from minutes and simple to complicated delicacies and pastries. Amaranth is suitable as a side dish similar to rice or bulgur, roasted or soaked it can be served in salad. It is often added in puffed form to cereals and desserts.

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Cooking potatoes – how it works step by step

The potato imported by the Spaniards in the 16th century originally comes from Chile and Peru and is now one of the most important staple foods in kitchens around the world. This is probably because potatoes can be prepared tasty and that the great tuber can be varied with many different dishes. There are also countless types of preparation. The potatoes can be cooked in several ways; cook or steam with or without a dish. Mashed potatoes are also a pleasure – as well as fried potatoes or, of course, as French fries.

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Swiss chard is not a type of spinach, but a vegetable plant closely related to beetroot. Widespread in the Alpine region, we owe it many vitamins and some delicious dishes.

This vegetable, which is very widespread in the entire Alpine region and especially in Switzerland, is – contrary to what many suspect – not a type of spinach, but closely related to beetroot (beetroot or beetroot), but also to beet and sugar beet.

There are two types of cultivated forms, the stalk chard is widespread, with both yellow and red stems. These can be prepared like asparagus. A classic dish with chard is the Bündner Capuns, chard leaves filled with a dough and other ingredients.

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Whole grain bread made from whole grain. Image source: Smileus /

On Whole grain bread may only call itself that if it is too at least 90% wholemeal flour consists. Everything else is mixed bread. Most bakers give their breads imaginative names like "Powerbrot" or "Kraftkorn" and so on.

However, these healthy-sounding names do not promise wholesome bread made from whole grain, they do not have to be real wholemeal bread.

Many believe that whole grain bread can be recognized by its dark color and the many grains on and in it. This is wrong because just because a bread is dark and has a few grains on the crust, it is far from being whole grain bread.

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Cooking with Wine – Photo Credit:

Looking for topics for alcohol-free, I stumbled across the question of whether alcohol-free wine is suitable for cooking? The background to the question may arise from the fact that you do not want to cook with traditional wine because you do not drink alcohol or that someone who is a dry alcoholic comes to visit but should not come into contact with alcohol. However, since these two approaches require two completely different answers, I would like to go into them individually below.

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by Stefan SprickUpdated November 8, 2019

The next highlight from the Aldi Süd range and at the same time as the highlight of the week is the Ambiano mini oven. You can buy it from Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at a price of € 29.99. On our blog we present you all information about the new model of the 2019 generation.

The Ambiano mini oven presents itself in a dark look with controls and handles that are visually different. It has the dimensions of 42 x 25.5 x 37 centimeters and its space in the interior comprises 15 liters. Despite the small volume, it should be possible to prepare commercially available pizzas. The connected load is specified with 1080 to 1300 watts and depends on the selected settings. The temperature can be continuously adjusted up to 230 degrees. For different requirements, three heating functions are available with the top heat, the bottom heat and with a combination program.

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