Dinner – cooking recipes and tips

for everyone who has to cook for large groups

We generally know dinner as boring. Cheese slices, ham slices or salami slices are simply not what makes a gourmet’s heart beat faster. Quite apart from the fact that boredom comes in every night, the problem intensifies when a larger number of people has to be catered for. Apart from the often occurring lack of ideas, we often encounter logistical problems here. The calculation of the quantity alone is difficult, not to mention the amount of time to be planned.

Quick help can be found here for “Cooking for many”. Below are just a few examples of how to prepare a “dinner for many” quickly and easily. It is particularly gratifying that your wallet is also treated gently here. Get excited for example for the preparation of party rolls, cheese roll, onion cake or potato place. These dishes not only read better than the usual slices, they are also hardly time-consuming to prepare. Because, as we all know, greasing blades takes a considerable amount of time. Certainly a great thing if you can prepare such tasty highlights with a similar amount of time. Your guests will certainly not save with praise or enthusiasm. However, we are also happy to receive tips and great, delicious recipes from you.

By the way: eating in a group is always a lot of fun. And it becomes even more joyful for everyone when a meal is prepared together or a dish is chosen that makes the meal an event. Just think of the well-known fondue or raclette.

But it doesn’t have to be that complex. How about, for example, a large pizza, where each participant can fill in their own piece as desired? Or a small buffet for hamburgers or hot dogs, where everyone can also create their own meal according to their own wishes? There are endless possibilities in this area.

Soups are also very suitable for meals with many eaters. They can be prepared very well and are very popular with young and old – for example as goulash soup or potato soup.

With the recipes presented here, eating in a group is great fun for all participants!

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