Instructions: make marzipan yourself – delicious and very healthy

Difficulty: light

The confectioner’s favorite toy is marzipan. He kneads and shapes it, hides it in chocolates and decorates cakes with figures and ornaments. Marzipan is a treat for the eyes, heart and tongue. This is prepared raw, tasty and very healthy.

Ingredients for 110 g:

  • 100 g almonds (with skin); It becomes particularly aromatic when you use 60 g almond and 40 g apricot kernels
  • 3 – 4 teaspoons of creamy honey (3 teaspoons for firm, 4 teaspoons for soft marzipan)
  • 1/2 tsp dried rose petals (suitable for consumption)


  • Dryer or oven (lowest setting, leave the oven door open a little, use an oven thermometer if necessary)
  • coffee grinder
  • Kitchen strainer (optional)
  • spice mill


  • Preparation: 12 hours soaking time, 15 minutes working time (peel off the almond skin), 12 hours drying time
  • Preparation: 20 min.
  • Shelf life: a few weeks in the refrigerator or freeze (shelf life about 1 year)


Pour the almonds into a glass bowl and soak them covered with plenty of water for 12 hours.

Drain the soaking water and remove the brown almond skin. Rub the almond between your index finger, middle finger and thumb as if you were snapping your fingers. The light almond kernel slips out. If it works, skinning is quick.

When the skin is tight, peel it off with a paring knife. With a little practice, this can be done very quickly.

Spread the skinned almonds in one layer on a grid insert of the dehydrator and let them dry for at least 12 hours. The almonds must no longer have a dark moisture stain on the inside, but must be evenly bright and crisp.


Finely grind the almond kernels in the coffee grinder. Only fill the grinder with 12 to 16 almonds per grinding process. Otherwise the almond flour will be too coarse. Grind the kernels in pulses – never continuously – to flour.

Brush the almond flour through a colander. If you want to accept coarse pieces, you can save yourself this step. But it only becomes very fine and noble if you sift it.

Roughly sifted pieces are sifted back into the mill together with other almonds.

Grind all the almonds into flour and pour it onto a glass plate or a surface that is easy to knead and walk on.

Weigh the dried rose petals on a chopping board, so that they can be picked up by the spice grinder.

Put them in the spice grinder and grind the petals powder once or twice, if you want them to be finer.

Press a well into the middle of the almond flour, pour in honey and flower powder and .

. spread the flour on the honey with your hands from the outside and .

. knead everything thoroughly. Knead and mill until a homogeneous, slightly fatty mass is formed. The marzipan gains quality the better the ingredients are combined.

The raw marzipan is ready. Many goodies, for example marzipan potatoes, can be made from it. Or you form a small loaf of bread and feast on it solo, because you can always cut off a slice of it;)

Marzipan is often made with rose water. ‘Real’ rose water is a by-product in the distillation of rose oil from rose petals. It therefore does not correspond to the raw food quality. It is also said to reduce the shelf life of marzipan, which spoils more quickly due to the increased water content.

The marzipan tastes best after a day or two. Then the rose scent is no longer so dominant, but discreetly underlines the fine almond aroma.

The marzipan can be frozen and defrosted without losing taste. It is therefore worthwhile to create a supply.


Hello Géraldine,

soaking moisturizes the almonds so much that they cannot be ground into flour immediately afterwards. That is the reason.

Greetings Mary


why do the almonds have to

why do the almonds need to be dried again after peeling? desired substances are activated during soaking?


Hello, I would have one

Hello, I have a suggestion to just skin the almonds.

Boil almonds in water for a while, try if the skins come off. Then scoop out with a sieve and place on a wipe. Fold up and rumble gently, so the skins come off easily. But only as long as the almonds are moist, when the skin sticks again, simply put them back in the pot and bring to the boil briefly.

Have fun chopping the almonds, so we say in the Ore Mountains ,

Kind regards, Silke

Hello Maru,

Yes, correct. The apricot kernels are, so to speak, the alternative to the bitter almonds – or the other way around.

Good luck and best regards

Hi there,

if I use bitter almonds instead of apricot kernels I should take the same ratio 60 g almonds to 40 g bitter almonds?

Many greetings,

Hello Maru,

without skin, like the almond kernels. The skin of the apricot kernels can be peeled off – as shown in the recipe for the almond kernels – and soaking makes them more digestible.

Greetings Mary

Hi there,

Apricot kernels are used with or without skin?

Hello Uta,

to the question: sweet or bitter apricot kernels. Both taste very good in this recipe, with the bitter delivering significantly more aroma. However, the sweet kernels are generally better tolerated. You can find detailed information about the often-mentioned health risk related to bitterness at

In our recipe, the skin of the almonds is peeled off. Of course, peeled almonds from the bag can also be used. Since there is usually a skin shop in the health food store – and they are also affordable! – these are exactly on the list of ingredients. The recipe also shows how easy they are to skin.

From almonds and skin, the marzipan tastes too dull and bitter and doesn’t look good either (somehow pale brownish). The effort to skin the almonds has always paid off, because the result was fine, fragrant marzipan.

Greetings Mary

uta nitzsche

Hi there,

the aromatic variant is made with sweet or bitter apricot kernels?

Why are shelled almonds used??

What difference does it make between unpeeled and unpeeled? peeled?

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