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The dietary changes Having a healthy and proper diet is usually the first and most important pillar when it comes to losing weight. Bad eating habits are not always to blame for being overweight, but it is the most common reason. A healthy diet creates the basis for losing weight. But what exactly does “healthy eating” mean in this context??

The definition of "healthy eating"

Over time, there have been different definitions of healthy eating and even nowadays opinions differ widely as to which diet is the right one. Depending on which nutritional concept or which diet you question, you get different answers as to what the right diet for losing weight is. Everyone seems to agree on only two points: A healthy diet should be balanced and based on lots of vegetables.

The term healthy eating does not initially say anything about whether fish, meat, eggs or milk products should be eaten. Vegans and vegetarians, for example, completely or partially do without these products. People who live according to the Paleo principle, on the other hand, almost completely reject grain.

When considering the nutritional concepts such as Low carb, veganism, vegetarianism and paleo It quickly becomes apparent that the view of what a healthy diet should look like could not be more different.

What does a healthy diet look like for losing weight?

That was true for a long time Food pyramid as the guide to good and healthy eating. However, this too differs greatly in its presentation. In some models, the vegetable is represented in the first and most important place, in others the grain. moreover generalized The food pyramid: In the area of ​​fats, no distinction is made between good and bad fats. If it is about saturated, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats acts, but has a direct influence on the nutrient balance, on health and overweight and thus also on the designation as a healthy diet. Also the nutritional requirements is generalized in food pyramids. This is very individual, which is why it should be observed in the context of proper nutrition.

Anyone who is concerned with healthy eating and losing weight should take a closer look at the recommendation of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) 1. According to this, a healthy diet for weight loss is characterized by the following ten points:

  1. balance: The menu should include variations, but first of all there are plant foods.
  2. Cereals and potatoes: A healthy diet for weight loss should not be based on too little carbohydrates. The DGE recommends at least 30 grams of fiber, for example from whole grains. In addition to fiber, there are also plenty of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals for proper nutrition – these are mainly found in bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.
  3. vegetables and fruit: Five servings of fruit and vegetables daily, ideally fresh or only briefly cooked, so that all vitamins, minerals and fiber as well as secondary plant substances are still contained.
  4. Animal products: Calcium, iodine, selenium and n-3 fatty acids are among the valuable nutrients. The DGE therefore recommends milk and milk products daily, fish and meat once or twice a week; Sausages and eggs only in moderation.
  5. Low-fat and high-fat foods: No fat is not good, but neither is too much saturated fat. Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil are preferred. When losing weight through a healthy diet, look for hidden fats in pastries and confectionery, but also in dairy products.
  6. Sugar and salt only in moderation: Instead of using sugar and salt, you should rather season your dishes with fresh herbs. If you want to eat properly, you should also look for hidden sugar in foods and beverages.
  7. Drink enough: You should drink at least 1.5 liters of liquids a day, preferably water or other sugar-free drinks.
  8. Gentle preparation: Prepare the food at low temperatures to preserve the taste and not to destroy the nutrients by the heat.
  9. Enjoy: Eating should not happen as part of a healthy and correct diet. Instead, take your time for your meals.
  10. movement and sport: Not only a healthy diet, but also enough exercise and sport helps you lose weight and maintain your weight. Exercise in the fresh air is particularly recommended.

If you want to lose weight correctly and in the long term, you should not go on a diet, but make a general changeover with lots of exercise and healthy eating.

Proper nutrition: essential nutrients for weight loss through healthy eating

Which nutrient the body needs in the context of proper nutrition depends on various factors. These include, for example

  • the phase of life,
  • health status,
  • age,
  • the size
  • and even gender.

It does it difficult to speak of a general nutritional requirement. Even if some principles are universal.

The good news: As a rule, the body itself knows what it needs and does not need constant attention. This is true at least as long as you eat a balanced diet, that is, provide you with all the necessary nutrients. A distinction can be made between essential and non-essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are those that humans have to ingest from food because the body cannot produce them itself. The body produces non-essential nutrients on its own.

For humans, the essential nutrients include: Magnesium, iodine, iron and almost all vitamins. An exception is vitamin D, which the body can produce using sunlight and which therefore does not have to be explicitly absorbed through the right diet.

In a healthy diet, all of the above nutrients are available in sufficient quantities. There is rarely too much essential nutrients. Most of the nutrients that the body does not need are excreted. An exception are fat-soluble vitamins, for example vitamins K and A. An excess of them is stored in the liver or elsewhere in the body. As a rule, however, you do not have to worry about suffering from a health-threatening excess of vitamins through a healthy diet. However, you should stay away from vitamin supplements. These are often overdosed or lead to an overdose together with a balanced diet.

Use healthy diet to lose weight

The change in diet from an unhealthy to a healthy diet is not easy for everyone. Here it is important to Step by step feel for the right diet to lose weight. It is best to find some healthy foods that you like and put them on the menu. Little by little, the nutritional plan can then be supplemented by other healthy foods, after all, the taste changes over time.

So eating healthy means eating with his own nutritional needs to set apart. You can ideally use the knowledge you have acquired about healthy eating to lose weight. If you know how different nutrients work on the body, you can, for example, control food cravings or take in enough good energy for an extensive training program. The saying "You are what you eat" has a real core. You can even influence your mood with a healthy diet and the right foods.

by the way: For people who strive for proper nutrition, it makes sense to find out more about the food separately. Not everything that is commonly considered healthy is – and vice versa. Knowledge of the composition of foods is worth a lot: with it you can easily lose weight through a healthy diet.

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