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Can you lose weight with Paleo? Is that possible?

Paleo is often associated with success stories of dramatic weight loss.

However, you should be aware that Paleo no diet is the only goal is to lose weight!

Paleo is rather one diet form & a lifestyle that deals with different facets of health. The Paleo diet tries to eliminate the resulting imbalance between our modern food and our more Stone Age bodies.

Most of the foods that we find in the supermarket today contain a high calorie content and, in comparison, little nutrients, which we then combine with a sedentary lifestyle, artificial light, poor sleep, … .

The body reacts not only to being overweight or even obese, but also with hormonal disorders and illnesses as well as cravings.

Because unlike our food, our body has not changed.

We humans developed when food was scarce and life involved all kinds of arduous physical activities.

Our body can continue to cope with food shortages, as it did in the Paleolithic age, by going to the fat reserves. Moderate hunger is also part of this (intermittent fasting).

However, in industrialized society, man becomes one Excess food supply of supermarkets instead of food shortages.

In connection with the lack of nutrients our modern food this causes us to stay hungry.

Because our body signals this to us in anticipation that we will eat more and that nutritious food.

Basic facts about diets

If, in addition to the health benefits of the Paleo diet, you also want to lose weight, I have a few tips for you to lose weight successfully with Paleo.

But before I get to the real topic of Lose weight with Paleo come, I want to get rid of a few basic facts about dieting and losing weight.

First of all, you have to realize that you only Long-term success achieve by your Diet and lifestyle also adapts in the long term.

Simply going on a 2-week diet and then falling back into the old behavior without gaining weight will not work for any diet. In Germany you just have the term

So be aware that if you have too many pounds on your hips, it is mostly due to an incorrect diet and lifestyle.

No diet will help you there, because as soon as you have achieved success and lost weight, you will have the pounds back on you or even more as soon as you return to your old habits.

So a low calorie diet is the key to success?

The answer is YES!

Weight management is based on input & the output. As written above, our body is simply knitted.

It is fundamentally correct that you lose body fat with a calorie deficit. So if you eat fewer calories than your body actually burns during the day. This is supported by the natural metabolism (metabolism) and by physical activity.

What is the solution to the problem?

You should find an approach where you can naturally fewer calories you eat. So eat less, but without actually doing it consciously.

Many diets promise exactly that, but actually I only know of one diet or form of nutrition where this is actually the case, namely at PALEO!

The reason for this is simple.

Paleo saturates more at the same number of calories consumed than many other low-calorie diets.

This is exactly the essential point for success when losing weight with Paleo.

You will automatically eat less energy and at the same time you will not have to fight hunger or count calories. This way your metabolism will not decrease.

With Paleo, you don’t even have to reduce fat or carbohydrates because you naturally eat fewer carbohydrates, as Paleo excludes heavily processed and refined carbohydrates such as flour and sugar from your menu.

Tips for successful weight loss with Paleo

Now that you know a few weight loss principles, I want to give you a few basic habits strategies to help you achieve your weight loss goals:

# 1 Feed Paleo!

As I have already described, Paleo is the most promising diet. So switch your diet to Paleo.

# 2 Keep your food simple!

Various studies have shown that simple dishes cause you to eat less, which in turn causes the calories to drop. The recipes on our blog are based on this principle. I like it from time to time a bit more sophisticated and love refined dishes, but for the basic Paleo everyday life I think it is rather simple. When you lose weight with Paleo, concentrate on high-quality proteins and healthy fats.

Mainly eat vegetables, wild fish and meat that is appropriate for the species and avoid paleo pancakes and “paleo-compliant” biscuits and too much fruit sugar in the form of fruit if you want to lose weight quickly.

# 3 Never go hungry!

When it comes to losing weight, many people think that it is better to eat less. But this is exactly the wrong approach and leads to personal dissatisfaction. Your body needs energy and nutrients. Make sure he gets it too. If you adhere to the Paleo principles, you will not go hungry. On the contrary, you will feel full even though you eat fewer calories. Healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee etc.) play a crucial role here.

# 4 movement & carbohydrates!

Sports activities are also part of the Paleo lifestyle. Adequate exercise is not only healthy for someone who wants to lose weight, but is part of our nature! Depending on the number and intensity of your training sessions, you should make sure you get enough carbohydrates. But you can remember: Earn your carbohydrates. First the movement, then the food.

# 5 Listen to your gut feeling!

Some people may gain weight again a few weeks after the scales show their success. Why is that? This could only be related to nutrition and energy balance. Too much is eaten. One can easily observe in young children that they still feel the natural feeling of satiety.

Unfortunately, we get lost in adulthood and eat more than our bodies need. It doesn’t matter that what we eat is healthy or not. That is why it is particularly important to eat consciously and with a few small tricks to make sure that you remember when you are actually saturated. This is how food in front of the TV, cell phone or in a hurry should be avoided.

The only result is that we eat too much or our body is not geared towards digestion. Likewise, using a smaller plate for your meals can help. Because a large plate usually also means that we fill it up and finally also plaster everything and eat about our hunger. You will certainly not be unfamiliar with the fact that slow food is healthy. Because whoever loops automatically eats more.

# 6 More exercise in everyday life!

The office people among us in particular know that they are actually sitting far too many hours a day. If you then drive to work by car and sit in front of the TV in the evening, it will be more difficult to achieve your dream weight. Make sure that you not only move around in the gym (artificial light, often people are sitting in a device again), but throughout the day.

There are more ways to do this than you might think. How about simply working on a standing desk, running to work (or getting off one stop earlier) or riding a bike, using the stairs instead of the elevator, regularly taking a stand or walk break with stretching and the sitting position to change more often. In this way, you not only promote your weight loss, but at the same time reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve your general health.

To do this, I built a climbing frame into my apartment at home. So I can move from the bedroom to the bathroom.

# 7 We are only strong together!

When it comes to losing weight, fighting alone is the most difficult. So look for support from your family and friends or even better, find weight loss partners. It is easier to stay on the ball when you can motivate and encourage each other. In our Facebook Group you will find great cohesion, motivation and even more recipes!

# 8 Change your lifestyle, not just your diet!

Losing weight means a lot more than just changing your diet and doing sports. Adequate sleep is of enormous importance. Because lack of sleep makes us hungry. An increased stress level also causes us to eat more due to the stress hormones released.

Planning is also an important success factor in losing weight. So plan your meals in advance and create an appropriate shopping list. This may seem annoying to you at the beginning, but you will quickly notice that this procedure helps you enormously in realizing your weight loss goals and that you are not tempted to call the pizza service because your fridge is empty when you go home from work in the evening Come home.

Reasons for losing weight successfully with Paleo

So here is a brief summary of the reasons why you can lose weight with Paleo and how you can do something good for your health with Paleo:

  • You eat nutrient-rich food and avoid heavily processed and refined carbohydrates / sugar.
  • You lose excessive water retention in the body.
  • You reduce food intolerance.
  • You regulate your blood sugar level naturally through high-fiber food.
  • You eat food that supports a balanced hormone balance.
  • You burn off your excess fat reserves thanks to the proteins and fats that you consume with Paleo.
  • You feel saturated due to the healthy fats in your food.
  • You have more energy for your workouts.
  • You burn fat reserves instead of sugary carbohydrates.

Another successful strategy for losing weight with Paleo is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting mimics the benefits of restricting food.

The only thing left for me to do is wish you success in losing weight or achieving a healthy balance of muscles and fat! You are welcome to tell me about your experience in the comments!

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