Losing weight made easy! Weight-watcher with the thermomix – beautiful baby clothes

Losing weight made easy! Weight watcher with the Thermomix

Family recipes! With Weight-Watcher points! Cooking healthy with the Thermomix

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Smart slimming recipes for the Thermomix

All recipes come with an understandable description, picture and nutritional values. Brochured book in cookbook with recipes especially for the Thermomix TM5 and TM31. The book contains 46 different recipes that are well suited to score with a special diet. There are many different recipes to be found, from soups, snacks, salads and main dishes to desserts.

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Low-carb main courses: Weight-Watchers for the Thermomix

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Light & Smart: lean dishes from the Thermomix

No matter if breakfast, fine salads, soups, snacks or main dishes. The recipes can be prepared in both the TM5 and TM31, all with pictures and nutritional information. Lean dishes from the thermomix® booklet In this book you will find 50 delicious recipes with which you can now easily & smart "points".

. All recipes are prepared in no time with their thermomix and also taste incredibly delicious! The majority of the main dishes are "All-in-One" and drawn as such by a symbol. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed and enjoyable cooking.

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Light & delicious Volume 2: Easily enjoy with the Thermomix

Regardless of whether with the tm31 or TM5, the recipes are simple, successful and taste incredibly good. In the following recipes you can easily with a special diet "points. All important nutritional information such as Kcal, fat, protein and carbohydrates are of course included. In this way, you can easily and variedly design your meal plan.

Easily enjoy with the Thermomix® booklet Light and delicious. This in no way means giving up taste! Also in the second volume you will find light salads, main dishes vegetarian, snacks, meat & Fish as well as fine cakes and desserts.

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Recipes suitable for the Thermomix: For a particularly healthy breakfast – oats

For a particularly healthy breakfast. Recipes suitable for the thermomix recipe book "oats" for the Thermomix- suitable for the Thermomix TM5 and also TM31- high quality offset printing in color- DinA5 stitching with 60 pages no original Vorwerk.

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Light & delicious: enjoy with the Thermomix

In no way does this mean giving up flavor! In our recipe book you will find light starters, main dishes with and without meat, as well as side dishes, and delicious cakes and desserts. Enjoy easily with the Thermomix® booklet In this way, you can easily and variedly design your meal plan.

But also all important nutritional information such as Kcal, fat, protein and carbohydrates are included. Due to the variety of recipes, you can make your meal plan tempting and varied. In the following recipes you can easily score with a special nutritional form.

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Diet recipes for the Thermomix. Delicious and healthy weight loss

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Lose weight with the Thermomix®: Light, low-carb kitchen to enjoy

Losing weight is very easy. Independently researched, not influenced by the manufacturer. The popular kitchen helper prepares soups, main dishes, desserts or smoothies at the push of a button: there is something for every taste in this book. The pounds drop with pumpkin soup, steamed salmon with asparagus, cabbage roulades with tomato sauce and other low-carb dishes, and the step-by-step instructions for the Thermomix® are also very relaxed.

All recipes were developed and tested with the Thermomix® TM5. The dishes are based on the low-carb diet. They are low in carbohydrates, fruit and vegetable oils, plus protein in the form of meat, avoid sugar and starch and instead contain vegetables, fish and dairy products. Light, low-carb cuisine to enjoy Broken book With the Thermomix®, delicious dishes can be conjured up quickly and easily.

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