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My reasons why I keep party menus simple

At my last party (carnival), we all agreed that there had to be a simple menu. There would be no starter platters or several side dishes, no fancy desserts or beverage stations. Instead, I would limit myself to the essentials: a small starter, a salad, the main course and the dessert. Of course, the latter was colorful according to the occasion, but I still learned that I prefer simple menus.

I also went to great lengths for the salad, but salads are easy! I used peanuts, mixed chicken and poured Egyptian black cumin oil on top. Honestly, nuts in salad are big! &# 128578;

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Canned tuna without oil contains a lot of protein, little fat and hardly any carbohydrates. With these nutritional values, it is ideal for losing weight. We show you how the oil-free tuna can be quickly combined with other foods so that it tastes long-term.

Lose weight with the tuna diet

Canned tuna without oil

With canned tuna, you have a pizza with plenty of cheese in front of you. You might not think of a protein-rich slimming product at first. Completely wrong, because canned tuna is ideal for a low-fat and high-protein diet. The tuna is meant without oil, often on the packaging with the addition "in their own juice and infusion" Mistake. It is often referred to as tuna in water. This low-fat protein supplier can be found in every supermarket in a 195 g can (150 g drained weight) in addition to the variant with oil. If we buy the tuna without oil, we have saved over 20 grams of fat and almost 200 calories per can.

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Do you just want to follow the alkaline diet? Are you looking for highly alkaline diet recipes that are easy to prepare and cook? Recently, wrote a letter of Top 29 Light and Easy Highly Alkaline Diet Recipes for Weight Management and Maintaining a Healthy Body. This booklet is a collection of delicious, quick alkaline diet recipes from reliable sources. However, this writing is not to give medical advice, so make sure that you consult with your doctor before following these healthy alkaline diet recipes presented in this article.

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