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Have you ever alfajores eaten? In addition to the annual cinnamon stars and vanilla biscuits, these are pretty Cookies from South America a welcome change in the Christmas cookie jar. They consist of two round biscuits baked with cornstarch and one with Dulce de Leche-Filling held together and rolled in coconut flakes. Almost that South American version of the Macaron.

I know alfajores mostly from Argentina, but you can buy them all over South America. Through the corn starch (we mainly sell it as cornstarch), the cookies rise very well and keep them wonderful crumbly consistency, so that they literally melt on the tongue.

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by Stefan SprickUpdated November 8, 2019

The next highlight from the Aldi Süd range and at the same time as the highlight of the week is the Ambiano mini oven. You can buy it from Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at a price of € 29.99. On our blog we present you all information about the new model of the 2019 generation.

The Ambiano mini oven presents itself in a dark look with controls and handles that are visually different. It has the dimensions of 42 x 25.5 x 37 centimeters and its space in the interior comprises 15 liters. Despite the small volume, it should be possible to prepare commercially available pizzas. The connected load is specified with 1080 to 1300 watts and depends on the selected settings. The temperature can be continuously adjusted up to 230 degrees. For different requirements, three heating functions are available with the top heat, the bottom heat and with a combination program.

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Hello friends of culinary art,

As of today, Aldi Süd has again the Makashi knives on offer.
The knives have a blade guard made of plastic, are long sharp (I’ve used four in the kitchen for about 2 years – re-sharpening was not necessary yet), good grip on the handle and they are also colorful.

You can’t go wrong for the price.


"2 years in use – resharpening not yet necessary"

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